Friday, September 29, 2023

Wrexham’s Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney send message to Tom Brady after Birmingham investment

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have expressed their support for Birmingham investor Tom Brady joining the club and investing in the English Football League. The announcement of Brady becoming a minority shareholder of Championship side Birmingham City came as a shock to many. Brady has also been appointed as the chairman of the new advisory board, working closely with the club’s board and leadership team.

After successfully getting Wrexham promoted back to the EFL after a 15-year absence, McElhenney and Reynolds have become influential figures in the football world. It’s no surprise that other A-listers, like Brady, are now interested in replicating their success.

When asked about Brady’s move, Reynolds stated, “I know Tom and he has the spirit of a lion and a competitor. Come on in, the water’s warm.” McElhenney, on the other hand, jokingly admitted that he was in no position to give advice to a sporting legend like Brady, who holds numerous records in the NFL.

Before their return to the EFL, Wrexham made headlines by signing former Premier League midfielder James McClean from Wigan. Reynolds expressed his excitement about the signing, highlighting McClean’s leadership qualities and experience. He believes that McClean will be a valuable addition to the team both on and off the field.

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It’s great to see influential figures like Reynolds, McElhenney, and Brady showing interest in the English Football League and investing in clubs. Their involvement brings excitement and potential for growth to the league and its teams.
Wrexham fans were eager to find out who their new investor-owners would be, with rumours of Hollywood stars such as Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney getting involved. Today, it’s been confirmed that the pair have officially obtained the ownership of the Welsh club.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who played in the hit comedy show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, have propelled the National League club into the limelight. They committed to the club with an undisclosed amount after negotiations that lasted more than three weeks.

The duo have treated the news as a way to honour and thank Tom Brady, the NFL’s greatest of all time. In February, the Super Bowl winner posted a tweet wishing the club luck with their upcoming game, to which Reynolds and McElhenney posted their response via the Wrexham FC account.

“Hey @TomBrady: you brought us good luck with your tweet. Since you’re such a star, we had to bring you some company,” they wrote.

The owners have outlined their ambitions for the club, with a newly formed board to oversee the strategic growth of the club and plans to build a new training complex and media centre.

They’re hoping to send a message to the fans that aside from the financial backing, they want to provide a new level of engagement with their supporters of Wrexham AFC and the local community. This is evident through their calling out to the “Trusted at Wrexham” initiative, which is focused on providing a safe and secure environment for supporters who attend games.

This development has been seen as a turning point for the club and both Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have expressed their desire to make this a success for the Wrexham fans. To quote Rob McElhenney, “We are humbled by the opportunity to become part of the Wrexham family and hope to reward the loyalty and support of its beloved fans with success on and off the pitch.”

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