Friday, September 29, 2023

Wrexham director says Paul Mullin is not staying in Rob McElhenney’s house to recover

Wrexham executive director Humphrey Ker has provided an update on Paul Mullin’s situation, clarifying that he is not staying at Rob McElhenney’s house despite the offer. Mullin, who suffered a punctured lung in a pre-season friendly against Manchester United, was offered the chance to recover at McElhenney’s LA mansion. However, Mullin has chosen to stay in an apartment with friends instead.

Ker explained that McElhenney’s offer was misinterpreted, as people assumed Mullin would be staying in his house. Understandably, Mullin preferred to have some space to himself during his recovery and rest. He is currently in LA with friends from home who are supporting him and ensuring he doesn’t feel lonely. It is expected that Mullin will be able to return home in the coming week.

This news comes as a blow to Wrexham, as they prepare to face MK Dons in their first Football League match in 15 years. Mullin played a crucial role in the team’s promotion last season, scoring 38 goals in the league. He has been a prolific forward for Wrexham, with a total of 64 goals in 84 league appearances for the club.
Wrexham Football Club director Spencer Harris has revealed that despite earlier reports, striker Paul Mullin is not recuperating in Hollywood actor Rob McElhenney’s house during his recovery from injury.

The 25-year-old striker was injured in April, and had since been recuperating in his hometown in preparation for the new season. In a recent long-term update, it was thought he had moved to Los Angeles to recover in property owned by McElhenney, a co-owner of Wrexham, who recently purchased the club.

Harris has now dispelled any speculation that Mullin was taking advantage of McElhenney’s offer, adding the rumour was false.

Harris said: “The speculation that Paul is living in a house owned by Rob is simply untrue”

The director then went on to further confirm that Mullin is in fact recovering in his family home and keeping fit ahead of the new season.

He went on to say: “Paul is currently back in his family home recuperating and maintaining his fitness programme”

McElhenney, who produces the popular sitcom ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, expressed his excitement at the news that Mullin is making progress on social media.

McElhenney tweeted: “It is always a pleasure to hear news about Paul’s recovery and back where he belongs, with his family and loyal fans of Wrexham”

Mullin is now hoping to make a comeback for the start of the 2021-22 season, with the hope of achieving his full fitness in the early part of next year.

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