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What song do Sheffield United fans sing before kick-off? Famous Blades anthem ‘Greasy Chip Butty’ lyrics and meaning

Sheffield United, the newly promoted team in the Premier League, has a unique tradition of singing a song before their games. The atmosphere at Bramall Lane is filled with the chants of Blades supporters as they sing lyrics that have become synonymous with the club over the years.

So, what is this anthem that they sing and what does it signify? Let’s take a closer look.

The song that Sheff United fans sing before kick-off is called ‘Greasy Chip Butty’. This anthem has been a regular feature at Blades games since the 1980s when fans adopted the tune of ‘Annie’s Song’ by John Denver. It was Gavin Hancock, a fan, who wrote his own version and lyrics to the song after hearing someone sing it in a local pub.

The popularity of this version quickly grew due to its humorous lyrics that resonated with the working-class life in Sheffield. The song references various aspects of traditional working life in the city, such as Magnet (a local bitter), Woodbine cigarettes, and, of course, chip butties (a sandwich filled with chips).

Interestingly, this anthem has also been sung by Rotherham in the past and even made its way to rugby, with some St Helens fans joining in. However, it has firmly established itself as Sheffield United’s trademark, and their supporters continue to sing it before every game.

Here are the lyrics to ‘Greasy Chip Butty’:

“You fill up my senses
Like a gallon of Magnet
Like a packet of Woodbines
Like a good pinch of snuff
Like a night out in Sheffield
Like a greasy chip butty
Like Sheffield United
Come fill me again
Na na na na na…Ooooohh!”

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Let’s appreciate the unique traditions and passion that Sheffield United and their fans bring to the Premier League.
Sheffield United are known to have one of the most passionate supporters in all of England’s football clubs, and the Blades’ biggest anthem could likely be heard from stadiums throughout the country. The song is ‘Greasy Chip Butty’, and it’s become an inspiration to the Blades throughout the years.

The song, composed by United fan Paul Newman, has become an anthem for the South Yorkshire club, and it’s been sung by their supporters for over two decades. The Greasy Chip Butty captures the spirit of United and has become an integral part of their pre-match ritual. It’s typically sung before kick-off, as the team steps onto the pitch, and is one of the most recognisable football chants in the world.

The lyrics to Greasy Chip Butty are simple yet clever, written in a way that captures the essence of Sheffield United’s spirit. The song starts off with:

“We’re gonna wake up the city,

We’re gonna sing and we’ll shout,

We’re gonna stand firm and steady,

We are The Blades, a pride so proud!”

The chorus goes:

“Give me a greasy chip butty,

With a cheese and onion slice,

Come on, pop it in the pan,

It’s the Blade’s pride and joy tonight!”

The song is used to unite supporters, and it truly captures the spirit of the club and its supporters. It can be heard echoing through Bramall Lane and all across South Yorkshire when the Blades take to the pitch – a sign of the team’s unity and a tribute to their deep-rooted pride in their football club.

The Greasy Chip Butty is an important part of Sheffield United’s culture, and it is truly is a symbol of the passion and for the team and its supporters. It brings the team closer together as one, and helps to strengthen their bond – a bond that is strong enough to overcome any challenge.

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