Friday, September 29, 2023

What are the rules on added time this season? Premier League launch new approach to combat time-wasting

With the start of the new football season, fans have been questioning the extended periods of added time at the end of games. This was observed in EFL matches and will continue in the Premier League as it kicks off on Friday.

The reason behind this is the change in rules regarding added time, which have been influenced by the 2022 World Cup. Last season, statistics showed that the ball was only in play for an average of around 55 minutes per game. To combat time-wasting and encourage more football to be played, the new rules will penalize players more harshly.

So, what are the rules on added time this season? Referees will now be required to specifically time interruptions before restarts following a goal, substitution, injury, or set-piece. Additionally, more time will be added for goal celebrations that officials deem to be excessively long. As a result, matches can be expected to be as long as they were in Qatar during the World Cup last winter.

Referees will also crack down on penalizing actions that contribute to time-wasting, not just limited to kicking the ball away. The EFL has released a statement on their website outlining their plans to increase ball-in-play time. They will now add on the exact time lost during certain game events, such as goals, celebrations, substitutions, injuries, treatment time, penalties, and red cards.

In addition to a more accurate allowance for time lost during the game, the EFL will adopt the multi-ball system, which has been proven to increase ball-in-play time. Match officials will also take a stricter approach to dealing with deliberate actions that delay the restart of play, cautioning players who are guilty of delaying the restart or failing to respect the required distance at free-kicks.

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The Premier League has launched a new add-on time policy to combat time-wasting and to ensure games remain fair this season.

The new rule will consist of four minutes of added time starting immediately after the 90th minute. This time will be separated into two halves, with two minutes of additional added time after the first and then another two after the second. If the match is drawn and both teams are level, then the final two minutes of extra time will be extended to four minutes.

The idea behind this rule is to prevent teams from attempting to waste time when they are either winning or keeping the opposition at bay. It will also ensure that games are as fair as possible, as neither team will be able to station extra defenders on the pitch late in the game, nor will they be able to attempt to run down the clock without worrying about conceding to a late equalizer.

In addition to the new rule, referees have also been instructed to be particularly vigilant when it comes to adding extra time; if they feel that there has been time wasted, they can add additional time to the four-minute limit.

The Premier League is confident that the new rules will have the desired effect; by ensuring fairness and preventing teams from attempting to waste time at important moments in the game. We look forward to the start of the new season and to seeing how these rules will improve the competition.

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