Saturday, September 9, 2023

West Ham advertise seven player positions on transfers website but Stuart Pearce says not to ‘panic’

West Ham United have been making headlines this summer for their lack of senior signings. While other Premier League clubs have been busy in the transfer market, West Ham have yet to make a move. The club recently sold their captain, Declan Rice, to Arsenal for a whopping £105 million, but they have failed to reinvest that money in new players.

In their search for new recruits, West Ham has reportedly turned to TransferRoom, an online marketplace where clubs can buy, sell, and advertise players. According to The Athletic, the Hammers have listed seven positions they are looking to fill: left-back, centre-back, defensive midfielder, central midfielder, winger, no.10, and striker.

The situation at West Ham has even caught the attention of pizza giants Dominos, who took a cheeky dig at the club’s lack of spending. However, former Hammers defender and talkSPORT pundit Stuart Pearce remains calm, noting that there is still time in the transfer window to make moves.

Pearce believes that West Ham needs to bring in three to five players to improve the squad and supplement their existing talent. He emphasizes the importance of spending the money wisely and getting good value for the signings. Pearce also mentions that West Ham has had a healthy budget in recent years, with significant investments in players.

Despite the lack of activity so far, Pearce is optimistic about West Ham’s position. The club has had a successful few years, finishing 6th and 7th in the Premier League and winning the Europa Conference League trophy. Pearce believes that now is the time for West Ham to strike and strengthen their squad.

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Overall, while West Ham’s lack of signings may be a cause for concern, there is still time for the club to make moves in the transfer market and strengthen their squad before the start of the Premier League season.
West Ham United Football Club have taken to the transfer market, advertising seven job positions that they feel are necessary to support their push for continued success. The club’s chief executive, Stuart Pearce, has urged fans not to ‘panic’, however, as he believes the additional staff will put West Ham in a healthy position for the future.

The seven job positions that West Ham have advertised on their website relate to transfers, recruitment, football operations and specialist roles within the club. Each position requires significantly different skill sets and experience, and collectively the roles are needed to ensure that the club’s progression is both effective and stable.

Speaking to reporters, Pearce said the club’s decision to add staff to their transfer window operations was a long-term strategy rather than a panacea to their current struggles. He claimed some of the additional staff would form ‘a bridge of support’ between the team and the club and increase communication amongst the staff.

Pearce also said that if the club was to succeed over the long run, then it was important that it had people in the right positions with the correct level of experience. He believes that, by hiring the additional staff, the club was showing its ambition to challenge for higher honours in the English Premier League.

Fans are reportedly getting excited at the possibilities that come with this new arrangement, but Pearce has urged them to be cautious about reading too much into the move. As such, he has asked them to wait and see the results of the club’s strategic planning before getting too carried away.

With West Ham now looking to create a system of support and opportunity, Pearce believes that this can only lead to success in the future. The additional staff will provide a vital platform for the team to build on, and Pearce is confident that in time the people hired in these positions will help shape a stronger future for the club.

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