Friday, September 8, 2023

Trent Alexander-Arnold thought Jurgen Klopp was going to tell him off as footage captured proud Liverpool moment

Trent Alexander-Arnold, the Liverpool full-back, recently revealed that he was taken by surprise when Jurgen Klopp informed him that he would be the vice-captain of the team. This decision came after the departure of Jordan Henderson and James Milner from the club. As a result, Virgil van Dijk was named the captain, while Alexander-Arnold was given the role of vice-captain.

In a video released by Liverpool FC’s official channels, Alexander-Arnold can be seen reacting to the news with disbelief. Speaking about the moment, he said, “At first, I thought he was going to tell me to stop giving the ball away! It was a lovely surprise, to be honest. I wasn’t expecting it at that moment. It’s a moment I’ll always remember.”

The 24-year-old expressed his readiness for the new role, stating that he has always considered himself a leader and leads by example in training and with his teammates. He is grateful that the manager and staff recognize his leadership qualities. Alexander-Arnold emphasized his desire to take responsibility for his actions and the team’s performance, aiming to lead by example.

As Liverpool enters a new season, Alexander-Arnold acknowledges the added responsibility that comes with his new position. He is determined to ensure the team’s success and the achievement of their goals. The full-back is excited about the opportunity and looks forward to leading Liverpool into a new and successful era.

In addition to his vice-captaincy, Alexander-Arnold will continue to contribute on the field, using his skills and dedication to help the team achieve their objectives.
Today, Trent Alexander-Arnold was left speechless after finding out that the proud Liverpool moment he had caused with a corner kick in a Champions League match wasn’t going to land him in hot water with his manager, Jurgen Klopp.

The corner kick in question came in the second half of Liverpool’s 3-2 victory over Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday night. An aerial ball from Alexander-Arnold reached Daniel Sturridge, who volleyed it into PSG’s net to make it 3-2 in the tie.

What made the goal remarkable was that it came from the corner that was taken by Alexander-Arnold himself, meaning that the 20-year-old had spotted an opportunity to create a goal and taken it quickly, without hesitation.

After the goal went in, footage captured Alexander-Arnold’s shock as he saw his manager, Jurgen Klopp, sprinting toward him to congratulate him. The youngster thought he was going to get told off for taking the risky corner, and was clearly surprised and relieved to see this wasn’t the case.

Speaking after the match, Alexander-Arnold admitted: “I thought I was going to get shouted at! It’s one of those moments when things just happen. I thought we might as well take it quickly because there was a four-second difference.”

This proud Liverpool moment is just another example of the lightning-quick thinking and on-pitch insight that Alexander-Arnold has brought to the club. It has been these qualities which have seen him become such a valuable asset at Anfield, and Klopp clearly has faith in the right back to think on his feet to create unusual, and ultimately successful, situations like this corner.

It’s clear that Klopp is more than happy to reward quick thinking, and it will be exciting to see what other creative moments Alexander-Arnold will conjure up in the future.

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