Friday, September 29, 2023

talkSPORT listeners are now tuning in for longer with record hours recorded

The talkSPORT network has achieved its highest ever listening hours, reaching a milestone of 3.4 million listeners, which is a 15.8% increase compared to the previous year. The network also recorded a total of 21.8 million listening hours, marking a significant 30% year-on-year growth.

This remarkable achievement can be attributed to the thrilling end of the season and Manchester City’s treble success, which captivated the audience and contributed to the network’s record-breaking listening hours. These figures represent a Q2 record for the talkSPORT network’s reach, and they are also the highest reach and hours ever recorded for this quarter outside of men’s tournament summers.

Notable shows on the network have also experienced impressive results. The talkSPORT Breakfast show achieved its best reach figures in this quarter since 2019, with 1.3 million listeners. Additionally, the duo of White and Jordan reached a record 1.1 million weekly listeners, while the Kick Off show (Mon-Fri, 7pm-10pm) garnered its highest audience since 2013.

talkSPORT continues to be the go-to destination for live football fans, with plans to cover nearly 500 live football matches in the upcoming season. The network boasts a lineup of top-notch sports broadcasters, including Alan Brazil, Ally McCoist, Jim White, Simon Jordan, Darren Bent, Hawksbee & Jacobs, Adrian Durham, Andy Goldstein, Hugh Woozencroft, Natalie Sawyer, and esteemed pundits such as Stuart Pearce, Lianne Sanderson, and Gabby Agbonlahor.

During this quarter, the network provided extensive coverage of remarkable sporting events, including Manchester City’s historic treble in the Champions League Final and West Ham’s European triumph in the Conference League. Exclusive interviews with celebrities like Russell Brand and Noel Gallagher added an extra spark to the conversations.

Looking ahead, the talkSPORT team is gearing up to deliver must-listen coverage of the upcoming Premier League season, commencing on August 11 with the match between Burnley and Manchester City. Other exciting events on the agenda include the conclusion of the Women’s World Cup, the closure of the transfer window, and the highly-anticipated heavyweight rematch between Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte.

Scott Taunton, News UK EVP and President of Broadcasting, expressed his delight at this achievement, stating, “Another record for News Broadcasting – with the highest-ever listening hours in our history.” He emphasized the exceptional talent of their broadcasting team, which extends across their national roster of stations, including talkSPORT, Virgin Radio, TalkRadio, Times Radio, and U105 in Northern Ireland.

Taunton also highlighted News Broadcasting’s position as the UK’s leading digital broadcasting group, with 84% of listening hours coming from digital platforms and 35% from streaming. This strong digital presence sets them up for continued growth in both audience and revenue.

In conclusion, the talkSPORT network’s outstanding performance in terms of listening hours reflects the immense popularity and quality of their sports broadcasting. With a lineup of renowned broadcasters and an exciting lineup of events, talkSPORT remains the ultimate destination for live football coverage and continues to attract a growing audience.
TalkSPORT, the world’s largest sports radio station, has recently reported record-breaking numbers for total number of hours tuned in to the station. This great news for fans of the station is thanks to an unprecedented rise in engagement, with listeners now tuning in for longer than ever before.

The station has seen a particularly impressive 12-month period of growth, with a 4% increase in year-on-year listening hours. The station now commands a share of 3.2% of all UK radio listening, with devoted listeners tuning in for an average of 1 hour 52 minutes per week in the final three months of 2019.

This ever-growing success of talkSPORT has been due in part to increased competition from streaming services, as well as a focus on creating content that resonates with fans. The station has made an effort to produce more engaging and dynamic content – from weekend sports shows to mid-week comedy gigs – in order to attract new listeners.

The station’s rising popularity has led to the launch of two additional digital channels, talkSPORT2 and talkSPORT Extra, made up of more specialized niche content. This has enabled talkSPORT to reach a wider audience and offer listeners more in-depth coverage on topics that they might not have otherwise found. These changes have clearly been well received, with longer listening hours being recorded for the station “year after year”.

The current football season has provided a great platform for the growth of the station, and talkSPORT is now looking to build on its success in the coming months. Through continuing to create engaging content and introducing new channels, we can expect to see the number of total hours tuned in to the station to continue to rise.

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