Wednesday, September 6, 2023

‘So naive and young’ – Roy Keane cracks smile as Theo Walcott claims Arsenal are bigger than Manchester United

Manchester United legend Roy Keane couldn’t help but smile when Theo Walcott claimed Arsenal are currently the bigger club. This interaction took place before the Premier League match between the two teams at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday evening.

Walcott confidently stated that Arsenal is bigger than United at the moment, which prompted Keane to give him a friendly pat on the back while smiling. Arsenal has had a strong start to the season, earning seven points out of a possible nine in their first three matches. On the other hand, United suffered a 2-0 defeat to Tottenham in their second game.

With Arsenal finishing above United last season and showing significant progress, Walcott believes that Mikel Arteta’s side is currently superior. However, Keane, a former United star who won seven league titles with the club, disagreed with Walcott’s statement. He playfully called Walcott naive and young, emphasizing that United is the bigger club.

When asked if United is bigger than Arsenal, Keane simply responded, “Of course.” Both teams have established themselves as successful sides in English football, but United’s 67 major trophies surpass Arsenal’s 48.

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Theo Walcott reignited a fierce rivalry today when he claimed that his old team, Arsenal, were “bigger than Manchester United”. Unsurprisingly, the comments had everyone talking, and none more so than Manchester United legend Roy Keane.

The Irishman seemed to stifle a laugh as Walcott made the bold claim, who made the remark during a pre-match press conference ahead of Saturday’s Premier League showdown between United and Arsenal.

Keane and Walcott both played in the Premier League during the 2000s, with the Man United star playing a key role in the team winning the treble in 1999 and Walcott putting himself in the history books by becoming the youngest ever player to sign for Arsenal in 2006.

However, their respective successes appear to be clouded from their memories after Walcott inexplicably made the claim that the Gunners are bigger than United.

The former England international seemed a little naive to the rivalry that exists between the two clubs, where, despite United’s recent relative failures, they remain – historically and in the present moment – the most successful team in Premier League history.

Keane seemed in good spirits in the press conference and was characteristically cheerful and candid in his responses. He even poked fun at Walcott when the 29-year-old claimed past performances were “sort of irrelevant,” but Keane quickly retorted with the comment “That’s very true — that’s why you’re not playing this weekend.”

Reflecting the comments before, during, and after the conference, the rivalry between United and Arsenal still burns strong, but it showed some light-hearted moments between the two teams. Walcott’s comments were met with respect and a smile from Keane, but his claim of relevance was quickly put into perspective.

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