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SIMON JORDAN: Manchester United would not be deliberating for so long if Mason Greenwood wasn’t valuable to them

Manchester United are deliberating over a decision on Mason Greenwood because of his value to the club.

That is the opinion of talkSPORT’s Simon Jordan, who suggested that United for hiding behind a duty of care to the player.

A decision is yet to be made over the future of Mason GreenwoodGetty

Greenwood was arrested in January 2022 on suspicion of rape and sexual assault but charges were dropped in February. The 21-year-old denied all accusations against him.

Since then, the forward has not played for United after being internally suspended but a decision on whether or not he will return to the side remains in the balance.

An official statement was released regarding the state of affairs considering Greenwood this week.

talkSPORT understands that the Red Devils have told staff to prepare for his return.

Jordan has insisted that United would not be considering him back if not for his value to the club.

Speaking on talkSPORT’s White and Jordan show, he said: “The discussion is if Manchester United want to keep this young man, they are advocating for a duty of care.

“Now there are two duties of care, there is a duty of care for those that are concerned that somebody with these kind of allegations made against them may be somebody that they do not want to be around.

“There is the other duty of care, which is Manchester United’s point of view, which is ‘we have know this young man for 15 years and we have a contractual obligation, we have a duty of care’.

“Now I would contend that this duty of care is a morality issue.

Jordan has hit out at United’s handling of the Greenwood casetalksport

Greenwood had charges against him dropped in FebruaryGetty

“I would contend that United might be dressing morality up as commerciality because this is a very valuable young man.

“This is a player that obviously has got talent, up until he put himself into a very difficult position. This is not a young man that doesn’t have form.

“He has put himself in the way of things in the past, being away with England in Reykjavik where his behaviour was less than exemplary, and, of course, these unproven allegations.

“However these allegations have dropped away, he is no longer guilty of anything.

“The question is: If he was a lesser player, would United be taking this stance?

“My gut feel is possibly not. So when they are talking about their morality towards the player, I think there is an element of commerciality being dressed up as morality.”

Greenwood still has two years left on his contract at Old Trafford and was named on their retained list for the 2023/24 season.

Ahead of United’s first game of the campaign on Monday night, fans gathered outside to protest against the potential return of the 21-year-old.

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