Friday, September 29, 2023

Sevilla stars wear t-shirts in solidarity and Andres Iniesta comments as Spanish football unites behind Jennifer Hermoso

The world of Spanish football continues to turn against RFEF president Luis Rubiales, with Sevilla and Andres Iniesta telling him ‘it’s over’.

Europa League kings Sevilla wore shirts with the phrase before their LaLiga defeat to Girona on Saturday night and Barcelona legend Iniesta has since released a lengthy statement criticising Rubiales.

Sevilla showed their supportAFP

Iniesta has now added to the angerAFP

The head of the Spanish football association has been suspended for his actions in the aftermath of the World Cup final, where he was seen grabbing his crotch at full-time and later kissed attacker Jennifer Hermoso on the lips.

There were calls for Rubiales to resign, but in a shocking turn of events, he held a public meeting where he criticised ‘false feminism’ and said that Hermoso pulled him closer, and consented to the kiss.

He ended the speech by repeating the words ‘I will not resign’ and he was applauded by Jorge Vilda, the manager of the women’s team, and Luis de la Fuente, who is his counterpart with the men’s.

That public display of support now looks highly-questionable, with Hermoso’s statement refuting Rubiales’ claims ending with the words ‘Se Acabo’ or ‘it’s over’ in English.

Sevilla president Jose Castro criticised Rubiales, and now his players, including huge names such as Ivan Rakitic and Jesus Navas, have worn pre-match t-shirts in support.

Earlier in the day fellow LaLiga side Cadiz walked out to a banner that read ‘We are all Jenni’ and now Iniesta has added his powerful voice to the dissent.

The 2010 World Cup winner wrote: “After what has happened this week, I would like to convey my sadness, as a person, as the father of three daughters, as a husband and as a footballer, in the face of the events that we are experiencing in our football and around the Spanish women’s team.

“I believe that we cannot tolerate performances like the ones we have seen, which have tarnished a milestone as big as winning a World Cup. 

Hermoso attended a game of former club Atletico Madrid Feminino and was given supportGetty

Player’s carried the message ‘We are with Jennifer Hermoso’Getty

El mensaje de apoyo del Cádiz a Jenni Hermoso.

‘Todos somos Jenni’.


— Relevo (@relevo) August 26, 2023

“I cannot imagine the feeling that all the players of the national team must have right now seeing how they are not talking about the great tournament they had and the fantastic football they taught us all. 

“It’s a shame that a beautiful story that many players have built over so many years has become dirty.

“Instead, we have had to put up with a president who has held on to his position, who has not admitted that his behaviour has been unacceptable and that it is damaging the image of our country and our football around the world.”


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