Friday, September 29, 2023

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney admitted Wrexham were ‘f*****’ if they didn’t get promoted

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney admitted that they were ‘f***ed’ if Wrexham failed to win promotion last season.

The Hollywood duo famously led the Welsh side to promotion from the National League last term, bringing them back into the EFL for the first time in 15 years.

Wrexham secured promotion from the National League last seasonGetty

But the Hollywood duo admitted that they’d be f***ed had they fallen shortGetty

While Wrexham boasted a huge economic advantage due to the fame and fortune that Reynolds and McElhenney brought with them, the future success very much hinged on being able to play League Two football this term.

That pressure was heightened even more after tempting a number of high-profile stars to drop down to the National League – an expensive task on a shoestring budget.

Speaking on the new Series of Welcome To Wrexham on Disney Plus, the duo revealed just how high the stakes were for them and the club when quizzed on the prospect of promotion at the start of last season.

Reynolds said: “We’re heavily invested in building this club, the stadium itself, and if we don’t get promoted this year, the club is completely, totally and wholly unsustainable.

“So its really ratcheted up the pressure, not just for us but for the players on the field, the people in the community. This year we have to get promoted.”

McElhenney reiterated that point saying: “If our goal from the very beginning was not just to win, not just to help bring some hope and optimism to the town, but to build a sustainable business, something that can continue long after we’ve gone.

“For us to put them in a position where if they don’t get promoted this year, that they are no longer sustainable in any real way, is counter to what our original promises were.”

McElhenney concluded: “From a financial perspective, if we do not get promoted this year, we are f*****”, to which Reynolds replied, “Yep, f***”.

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