Friday, September 29, 2023

Russell Howard riled Claude Makelele with nickname blunder before Joleon Lescott ‘dropped one on him’ in Game4Ukraine training

Russell Howard, the comedian, is set to participate in Game4Ukraine this weekend, where he will trade the mic stand for the football pitch. The charity match aims to raise funds for the reconstruction of a school in Ukraine that was destroyed by Russian missiles. The event will take place at Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea, and will feature a mix of celebrities and former football stars.

Howard had the opportunity to train with some of the Premier League’s ex-stars, including Claude Makelele and Joleon Lescott. Reflecting on his experience, Howard shared that it was a bit strange calling for the ball and deciding whether to address the former players by their surnames or nicknames. He humorously mentioned that he called Makelele “Makka,” which didn’t go down well with the former Chelsea legend. Despite the initial nerves, Howard found moments of confidence during the game, although he admitted to spending a significant amount of time admiring Robert Pires’ skills.

In training, Howard also faced the defensive prowess of Joleon Lescott, who won two Premier League titles during his time at Manchester City. Howard humorously mentioned that Lescott’s challenge left a mark on him, emphasizing the quality of his opponents.

Fortunately, Howard’s sense of humor may come in handy if his football skills don’t measure up. He can use his wit to distract his opponents and entertain the crowd.

Listeners can tune in to talkSPORT to catch the live and exclusive coverage of Game4Ukraine, supporting the cause of rebuilding the school destroyed by Russian missile attacks.
English comedian Russell Howard has caused quite the stir ahead of an upcoming celebrity football match between England and Ukraine after inadvertently blundering in the presence of French football legend Claude Makelele.

The ‘Game4Ukraine’ match is a charity football match designed to help the war-torn region. English footballing legends such as Ryan Giggs, Joleon Lescott, and Michael Owen are all set to take part, but it was the addition of the comedian to the team that caused tension in the camp.

The incident happened when Russell Howard brazenly called out Makelele by his nickname ‘Clem’. Makelele appeared confused by the sudden outburst, and with his feelings hurt, he was salvaged by fellow teammate Joleon Lescott, who stepped in to diffuse the situation by calling out Howard’s mistake and awarding him with a playful ‘tackling’.

An unnamed training camp source told reporters: “It was definitely a funny moment, but everyone could tell that Makelele wasn’t too happy. Lescott saw what was happening and came over with a great save. He dropped one on Howard to lighten the mood and everyone started smiling.”

Despite the blunder, it appears Makelele was quick to forgive and forget, as the manager has confirmed the French footballer is still set to play in the ‘Game4Ukraine’ match on April 28th. Russell Howard declared his ‘reconciliation’ for the gaffe and seemed humbled and grateful for the understanding nature displayed by Makelele. He hopes to make it up to Makelele and all other attendees with a hilarious performance during the match.

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