Thursday, September 7, 2023

Roy Keane scoffs at prawn sandwiches as Manchester United launch new kit with inspirational video

Roy Keane, the legendary Manchester United player, has played a significant role in the launch of the club’s new third kit. This kit proudly features the iconic Red Devil logo, a symbol that hasn’t appeared on a United shirt in 50 years. The design of the kit draws inspiration from the team’s 1908/09 FA Cup-winning jersey.

In a promotional video, Keane, who had a bitter exit from the club 18 years ago, was seen modeling the new United third kit. This collaboration marks his return to working with the club. Keane had previously criticized his teammates in an interview with MUTV after a defeat to Middlesbrough, which ultimately led to his departure from Old Trafford.

Interestingly, the video also references Keane’s infamous comment about the club’s match-going supporters and their preference for prawn sandwiches over creating an atmosphere at the Theatre of Dreams. In the video, Keane is shown face-to-face with prawn sandwiches, shaking his head disapprovingly.

The promotional video concludes with the message, “It’s too late to say no. You’re in. For life. Devils only.” This signifies the enduring loyalty and commitment of Manchester United fans.

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In summary, Roy Keane’s involvement in the launch of Manchester United’s new third kit, featuring the iconic Red Devil logo, marks a significant moment for the club. Despite their past differences, Keane and the club have seemingly reconciled, although his disdain for prawn sandwiches remains unchanged.
Manchester United’s launch of their new kit for the coming season has received a lot of media attention, but it was a comment from former captain Roy Keane that has generated the biggest response.

On Friday, the Red Devils unveiled a video which showcased the new away kit ahead of the 2021-22 season, highlighting what the club stands for and encouraging fans to get behind the team. The video featured a variety of stars past and present including Keane, who famously sledged the club’s prawn sandwich customers back in 2000.

In the video, Keane can be heard saying: “Manchester United isn’t about prawn sandwiches and executive boxes, it’s about passion and glory.” This was a commentary that indicated he hasn’t softened in his opinion of those fans who are present at Old Trafford for entertainment more than for the football.

The comment has been echoed by current manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who said the club needs passionate support and acknowledged Keane’s contribution to setting and maintaining United’s high standards.

Keane played a key role in the club’s success during his 12-year stint, lifting seven league titles and four FA Cups under Sir Alex Ferguson and becoming one of United’s most decorated captains.

He currently works as a pundit, providing expert insight into the latest events in the world of football, and is known for being brutally honest in his views. This means that Manchester United’s recent kit launch, while serving as a great boost to player morale, has come with a warning to prawn sandwich fans from their former captain.

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