Friday, September 8, 2023

Roy Keane incident sees Arsenal legend Martin Keown admit he doesn’t work at some stadiums due to fan assault fears

Arsenal legend Martin Keown has admitted he stays away from some places due to fears of violence from fans.

Keown was speaking to talkSPORT when he made the claim in light of the shocking scenes that followed the Arsenal vs Manchester United match last weekend.

Keane was involved in an altercation with a fan last weekendTwitter @sjayy24s

During the fiery clash he was allegedly headbutted by one fan and it has led to fears from football pundits that they, too, could be assaulted.

That includes Keown, renowned for being a tough tackler at Highbury during his days with the Gunners, and he has admitted he steers clear of certain grounds if he believes there will be trouble.

He told White and Jordan: “Generally, people show you a great deal of respect but occasionally when drink has been had and the wrong groups are together, you can be in trouble.

“So I would advise people not to get into those situations, I don’t do co-comms at the moment because I can’t be sure I am going to get there safely.

“I am not certain that I can get there, if I assess it and think that is not a good place to go, I won’t go.”

As an Arsenal legend, Keown frustrated a few rivals in his time, particularly Man United and Tottenham.

And the former England international told one story about getting on a train and fearing for his safety.

Keown added: “I’ve had the odd incident, but I must say people now, particularly at Old Trafford, most people are very respectful.

Keown has admitted he fears for his safety in certain placestalksport

Keown made over 400 appearances for Arsenal and won 10 trophiesGetty

“Not so much, maybe, if I go to the London Stadium where people have tried to insult you. It happens a little bit.

“Stamford Bridge, amazing. Really respectful. The same at the Etihad.

“Occasionally, being on a train… first, don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re in harm’s way.

“I’ve had situations where I have stepped onto a train in Milton Keynes after a game at Old Trafford between Spurs and Man United and honestly, there was nowhere safe for me to go on that train.

“Barraged, insulted, threatened, you name it. Until two wonderful women rescued me and brought me to somewhere safe on the train.”

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