Sunday, September 10, 2023

Robert Lewandowski’s manager denies claims he made Polish Football Association pay for his and teammates’ trip to Salt Bae restaurant

Robert Lewandowski’s media manager has been forced to deny a story that his client owes money to the Polish Football Association for a dinner bill.

The denial from Tomasz Zawislak comes after a story emerged in the Polish media that the Barcelona striker left the PZPN to pay for a team dinner after he had taken the squad out to a restaurant run by celebrity chef Salt Bae.

Lewandowski and his teammates visited the restaurant while in Qatar for the World Cup@_rl9

But the dinner has caused issues in the Polish mediaGetty

A spokesperson for the Polish FA has also denied the claims, but it comes amid the backdrop of a clash between the organisation and its star captain.

In an article on via, Polish journalist Piotr Wolosik said: “I heard a rumour. Or not a rumour. At the World Cup in Qatar. 

“The day after the match against Mexico, Robert Lewandowski invites his teammates to dinner at the famous restaurant Nusr, and his PR argues that the captain creates atmosphere.

“The team was invited to eat salty steaks by the famous or infamous Salt Bae. Photos appeared, the atmosphere was great, the story got out into the world. 

“Finally a bill came for the football federation of Poland. I think he lacked a bit of class, didn’t he?”

Responding to the news, Lewandowski’s friend and media advisor, Zawislak, said: “I also heard a rumour, or maybe it’s not a rumour that the Polish Football Association is spreading such nonsense about Robert.

“And on the day before the most important game of the qualifying round. What a coincidence!”

“As is often the case with rumours, they often have little to do with the truth. The fact is that the dinner was paid for privately by Robert and he never expected or received a refund from the PZPN. 

The story has been denied by both parties but tension remainsGetty

“The claim that Robert billed the PZPN for the costs is a lie.”

A spokesperson has since corroborated the media advisor’s statement, saying: “It was a private dinner for the players and it was paid for by the captain with his money.”

However, the ongoing saga between Lewandowski and the PZPN looks set to rumble on.

Tension between the two parties dates back to a defeat to Moldova in June when officials were said to have approached the team drunk on the flight home, leading to ‘ugly scenes’.

Lewandowski followed up the story in an interview with Meczyki where he said: “I don’t go around with a breathalyser and check people. But it’s a fact. 

“I’m not saying it’s everyone, but the level of certain people is embarrassing.”

Poland currently lie third in Euro 2024 qualifying behind Czechia and Albania, with four games left to play.

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