Sunday, September 10, 2023

Rob McElhenney shares hilarious footage of Wrexham star Paul Mullin getting comfy in his LA home

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s love for Paul Mullin knows no bounds.

Now, resting after a punctured lung against Manchester United, the star striker is even getting nursed back to health by one of Hollywood’s elite.

Mullin is out of action with a punctured lungGetty

But he’s now being looked after by one of his employersGetty

The biggest name at Wrexham outside of their superstar owners, Mullin fired the Dragons back to the Football League last season after a 15-year absence.

His signing was one of the main features of the ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ documentary, and understandably so, with 79 goals in 97 games ever since.

Reynolds has even joked he loves him more than his wife, Blake Lively, and now McElhenney is taking care of him in Los Angeles.

In a hysterical clip posted to his 1.6 million Instagram followers, the Always Sunny in Philadelphia star is seen videoing himself discussing leaving LA for Wrexham’s first game back in League Two.

It looked like a normal update from McElhenney@robmcelhenney

Who’s then interrupted@robmcelhenney

And hands over a pillow@robmcelhenney

Then he’s interrupted by a Scouse accent asking for a pillow.

“Yep, I’ll get you a pillow,” McElhenney says before revealing the bed-ridden striker and continuing the sketch.

Mullin picked up the brutal injury against Manchester United in a pre-season game on July 26.

Playing against a second-string side, Mullin was taken out by youth goalkeeper Nathan Bishop in the 12th minute, and required oxygen and medical assistance to leave the pitch.

The 3-1 win for Wrexham took place at the Snapdragon Stadium in California, with Mullin staying behind to heal as he’s set to miss his side’s first handful of games back in the EFL.

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American comedy actor and screenwriter, Rob McElhenney, has recently shared a lighthearted video of Wrexham star Paul Mullin in a rather comfortable setting.

The short clip, which was posted on the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star’s Instagram page, showcases Mullin being at ease in McElhenney’s LA home, as he lies on the couch in nothing but his underwear with two drinks in hand.

In the post, McElhenney wrote lightheartedly: “He said he was staying for a couple days,” along with the crying laughing emoji.

Social media users were quick to comment on the comedic video, which has since been viewed over 55,000 times.

Mullin’s team, The Wrexham AFC, were also swift to comment on the video with a lighthearted tweet: “Ah, the lengths some people go to to relax”.

Footballer Mullin began his career with his local team, Redcar Athletic, before joining the Welsh club Wrexham AFC. The 26-year-old player also recently signed a three year contract with Wrexham, making him the longest serving player at the club.

This isn’t the first time that McElhenney has paid tribute to the incredible sportsmanship of Mullin. Last year, McElhenney celebrated Mullin 2018 success by gifting him a limited-edition coat of arms embroidered with his initials and the club emblem.

McElhenney’s humorous video further highlights the strong bond between the two and has since gained much attention, proving that a bit of humour never hurts.

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