Friday, September 29, 2023

Prince Harry loses penalty shoot-out on German TV and jokes about 4-1 defeat to Japan while wearing Mainz scarf

Even though his brother is president of the Football Association, Prince Harry doesn’t quite have the football skills to match.

The Duke of Sussex was appearing on German television to promote the Invictus Games, and had to take part in a traditional football challenge.

Harry talked through his emotional time in the armyZDF

He then took some penaltiesZDF

Joining ZDF in an interesting and often emotional interview, the Prince was joined by defence minister Boris Pistorius, who beat him 2-0 at the age of 63.

To give the 38-year-old some credit, he did come close on most shots, and was unlucky not to score, but he still lost a bet where he said he would wear a Germany shirt if he was beaten.

Sadly for the ZDF hosts, there wasn’t a Die Mannschaft shirt in the studio, so he instead wore a scarf of local team Mainz 05, the team where Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp started his coaching career.

After being beaten by Pistorius in the shootout challenge, Prince Harry even had the studio in laughter when he referenced Germany’s 4-1 defeat to Japan that had just taken place.

Pointing to Pistorius, he said: “Is that the new soccer coach for Germany? You can do that on the side. The man for all occasions so to speak.”

Discussing the Dusseldorf 2023 Invictus Games on aktuelle sportstudio, Prince Harry, who served for the British Army in Afghanistan, expressed how much the competition meant to him.

“To be honest with you, setting up the Invictus Games was a bit of a lifeline for me,” he said. “I didn’t realise it at first but being in this community, hearing a lot of stories, there were a lot of similarities.”

The Invictus Games were founded in 2014 by the Prince, and it sees more than 500 athletes wounded from war compete from across 21 different countries.

Prince Harry lost the shoot-outZDF

He then joked Pistorius should replace FlickZDF

Due to losing the shoot-out he ended up wearing a Mainz scarfZDF

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