Monday, September 11, 2023

Piers Morgan hits back at talkSPORT host Shebahn Aherne for comments about Megan Rapinoe

Piers Morgan recently criticized talkSPORT presenter Shebahn Aherne for defending Megan Rapinoe’s stance on trans athletes. Before the Women’s World Cup, Rapinoe was asked about accepting a trans footballer in the US football team. Rapinoe has been a vocal advocate for trans athletes in sports.

However, Morgan disagreed with Rapinoe’s view, arguing that it is unfair to have biological males compete against females. Aherne, in response, defended Rapinoe and criticized Morgan. In a tweet, Morgan expressed his dismay at Aherne’s support for Rapinoe’s belief that trans women have no advantage in women’s sports. He suggested that Aherne should consider the perspective of the women who have to compete against biological males.

The inclusion of trans athletes in various sports has sparked numerous discussions. Rapinoe previously expressed frustration at the weaponization of women’s sports and the sudden concern for fairness. Aherne, on TalkTV, defended Rapinoe’s activism and the support she receives from the trans and LGBTQ communities. She called for everyone to support female athletes and emphasized that football is a sport for all.

Aherne also questioned Morgan’s obsession with Rapinoe and why he harbors such strong dislike for her. She expressed confusion over why many people have an issue with Rapinoe.

In the Women’s World Cup, the United States suffered a dramatic defeat to Sweden in the last-16 stage, resulting in their elimination from the tournament. Rapinoe, who had already announced her retirement, missed her penalty in the match. Lina Hurtig’s winning penalty, initially saved by Alyssa Naeher, crossed the line by the slimmest of margins, sealing the Americans’ exit.
Piers Morgan has recently responded to Shebahn Aherne, a talkSPORT host who made disparaging remarks about United States Women’s Soccer player Megan Rapinoe.

The dispute began when Aherne took a dig at Rapinoe for recently informing the BBC that she would not be visiting the White House if invited by US President Donald Trump. The talkSPORT host made a jab at the soccer player for not joining the US team at an event and added that there were “better ways to make a point”.

Morgan, who is a supporter of President Trump and known for not mincing words, rebutted Aherne on Twitter. The Good Morning Britain (GMB) host wrote, “Shebhan [sic] – you obviously didn’t do your research on Megan Rapinoe, as she attended the event after all.”

The reply was prompted by an event known as ‘Soccer Stars for Equality’ which was attended by Rapinoe and members of the US Women’s Soccer team. Their presence led Morgan to tweet in defence of the soccer star, standing up for Rapinoe.

Rapinoe, who is a vocal advocate for gender equality and racial justice and also supports LGBTQ rights, has received abundant praise for her popular world cup success and unabashed support of social causes. Meanwhile, Morgan, who has become a favored target of social media users, has faced his fair share of criticism for his defense of President Trump.

Regardless of their different views, Aherne and Morgan have opened the dialogue around an important issue and through their tussle on social media, may have provided a platform for other people to engage in the conversation.

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