Friday, September 29, 2023

Paddy McGuinness had hilariously awkward shower encounter with Roy Keane – ‘the silence was deafening’

Paddy McGuinness, the comedian and TV presenter, recently shared a humorous anecdote about a shower he had to share with former footballer Roy Keane. McGuinness, who regularly participates in the charitable match for UNICEF called Soccer Aid, recalled the awkward encounter during his time as a host on talkSPORT’s Drive show.

During the conversation with his co-host, Andy Goldstein, McGuinness revealed that he found himself in the shower with Keane after playing against a Rest of the World team. Keane’s no-nonsense attitude was evident even in the showers, as McGuinness humorously described his love for a “foam burst” and a “proper lather.”

When Goldstein asked how the situation came about, McGuinness explained that it happened after a Soccer Aid match. Being the last one to enter the shower, he found himself alone with Keane. The comedian’s surprise at seeing Keane in all his untrimmed glory was palpable, as he compared the experience to a moment frozen in time.

McGuinness further described Keane’s excessive lathering, likening it to the application of lard by swimmers attempting to cross the English Channel. The awkwardness of the situation was emphasized by the silence between the two men, who stood side by side without exchanging a word.

Feeling the need to break the silence, McGuinness gave Keane a nod, but the deafening silence compelled him to say something. He jokingly remarked that Keane had missed washing his back. This prompted Keane to stop, turn back, and look at McGuinness, though the comedian admitted he couldn’t decipher Keane’s response.

In the end, McGuinness humorously compared Keane’s unclear reply to Brad Pitt’s character in the movie Snatch, implying that Keane’s words were just as difficult to understand. The story left both McGuinness and Goldstein in fits of laughter.

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British comic Paddy McGuinness recently described an awkward bathroom encounter he had with Manchester United great Roy Keane.

McGuinness said he was having a shower in a hotel and had forgotten to put up a towel to keep out of sight. He knew there was only one other person staying in the room – Roy Keane.

When McGuinness stepped out of the shower, he had no time to scramble for a towel and was met with the sight of Keane in the room. McGuinness recalls; “I came out of the shower and there he was, sat bolt upright with a face like thunder.”

McGuinness remembered feeling paralysed with shock and couldn’t think of anything to say. He recalls Keane eventually attended to his “me business” and, as he left the room, told the comic: “Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen.”

McGuinness described the encounter as “hilariously awkward” but joked “the silence was deafening”.

The incident presented an awkward situation for both of them and further proves how celebrity figures want their privacy to be respected when out in public.

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