Friday, September 29, 2023

NBA star Damian Lillard loves Memphis Depay song as former Manchester United player releases music video

NBA star Damian Lillard recently expressed his admiration for ex-Manchester United forward Memphis Depay’s new song. Depay, who is known for both his football skills and music talent, released a music video titled ‘These days’ that has been receiving a lot of positive feedback. Lillard, impressed by the song, shared a clip of the video on his Instagram Stories along with fire emojis.

In the music video, Depay can be seen on top of a building, dressed stylishly and singing. The video also features a bikini-clad woman lying on a bed and later walking towards a swimming pool. The video garnered over 20,000 views in less than a day, showcasing its popularity.

This is not Depay’s first venture into music. He previously released a song called ‘No Love’ in 2018, which gained over 11 million streams. With 799,000 YouTube subscribers and millions of plays on Spotify, Depay has established a significant following in the music industry.

Depay began his football career at PSV Eindhoven before joining Manchester United in 2015. He later moved to Lyon and then had a stint at Barcelona, where he made 42 appearances, scoring 14 goals and providing two assists. Currently, Depay plays for Atletico Madrid, having joined the club in January. So far, he has made nine appearances for Diego Simeone’s side, scoring four goals.

It’s great to see athletes like Damian Lillard appreciating and supporting the creative endeavors of their fellow sports professionals. Depay’s music career seems to be flourishing alongside his football journey, and his latest song has certainly caught the attention of fans and fellow athletes alike.
The NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard is well known for his love of music and recently, he has backed fellow athlete and friend, Memphis Depay, who recently released a music video for his single, “One In A Million.”

The Lakers’ four-time All-Star took to Twitter to show his support for Memphis, expressing his admiration for the song’s message and praising Depay’s talent. “I’m feeling team Memphis and the message,” Lillard wrote, “watching the visuals let you see he’s been really putting in work.”

The Memphis Depay song, “One In A Million,” tells the tale of the former Manchester United star’s journey from humble beginnings to his current status as an international star. The accompanying epic music video, which was filmed in Memphis’ native Netherlands, showcases the country’s breathtaking landscape and Depay’s incredible ball skills.

Adam Silver, commissioner of the National Basketball Association (NBA), even commented on the video, praising the production quality and uplifting message of the song. Silver commented, “This is an inspiring video of what determination and belief can accomplish. Congratulations to Memphis on his success.”

Depay thanked Lillard for his support and for calling out the messages behind both his song and video. Both athletes have forged impressive careers by forging pathways for themselves that have never been traveled before. It’s no surprise, then, that the Portland Trail Blazers star has shown unconditional support for his friend in the release of “One In A Million.”

Memphis Depay’s new single is quickly climbing the charts and is sure to find success with the dedicated fanbases of these two sports stars. As for Lillard, who is making a name for himself as much on the court as off, fans can expect to see him continue to support and platform his close friends—both on and off the court.

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