Monday, September 11, 2023

Matteo Guendouzi’s wife scares off burglars who stole £170,000 Rolex from ex-Arsenal star’s family home

Matteo Guendouzi, the French footballer currently playing for Marseille, recently experienced a burglary at his home. Fortunately, his wife, Mae Rrsk, was present during the incident and managed to scare off the burglars before they could do any further harm. The thieves were able to steal a Rolex watch worth €200,000 (£172,000) before fleeing the scene. Despite Mae’s brave actions, the criminals escaped before the police could arrive.

This break-in is currently under investigation by French authorities. Unfortunately, Guendouzi is not the only footballer to have been targeted in recent times. Sead Kolasinac, another Marseille player and former Arsenal star, also fell victim to a similar crime earlier this year. In that instance, Kolasinac’s wife and daughter were present and reportedly traumatized by the incident. Additionally, Valentin Rongier, another Marseille midfielder, had his home broken into while he was playing.

These incidents are part of a concerning trend of burglaries targeting footballers’ homes. French police reported a total of 22 burglaries into footballers’ homes in the past year. This trend is not limited to France, as footballers worldwide have been victims of theft. For example, Chelsea star Reece James had his Champions League medal stolen from his safe, and a man was arrested in connection with the crime. Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof’s family was also left shaken by a burglary, prompting them to fly back to Sweden in fear.

Guendouzi has been playing for Marseille since 2021, initially joining on loan from Arsenal before making the move permanent. He has been a key player for the team ever since. Prior to his time at Marseille, Guendouzi spent four years at Arsenal, with the final two years being on loan at Hertha Berlin and Marseille.

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Former Arsenal star Matteo Guendouzi has had an eventful summer, starting with a trip to the 2020 Euros, and capping it off with an exciting development on the homefront.

It is reported that burglars broke into the family home of the French midfielder shortly after he returned from the the Euros, and attempted to steal valuable luxury items, including a £170,000 Rolex watch.

Fortunately, the plan was foiled by the presence of Matteo’s wife Solene who scared away the intruders before they could take away any of their valuables.

News reports believe that the burglars had been aiming for spectacular collection of luxury items that are known to have been in the family home. This includes a collection of expensive jewelry and pieces of artwork.

In light of this incident, Matteo has since taken measures to improve the security of his family home. In addition, he has commented on the incident with a post on his Instagram story featuring Solene, in which he thanked her for her bravery.

It is clear that Matteo has himself to thank for his family’s luck, and hopefully news of this incident will be a wake-up call in terms of the need for heightened security in homes.

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