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‘Manchester United should be ashamed of themselves’, says Jamie O’Hara, who slams ‘disgusting’ treatment of Jadon Sancho

Manchester United have been warned they’re at risk of ‘mentally damaging’ Jadon Sancho by Jamie O’Hara, who’s furious at their treatment of the player.

In a 21-word statement, Man United announced on Thursday that forward Sancho would be training away from the first-team amid a ‘discipline issue.’

Sancho’s future at the club now looks to be overGetty

This is in reference to Sancho’s public denial of Red Devils manager Erik ten Hag’s claims that he was left out of the matchday squad for their last outing due to his performance in training sessions not being good enough.

Sancho returned to Carrington this week and has since deleted the statement hitting back at Ten Hag and held showdown talks with Ten Hag.

It’s been suggested that Sancho refused to apologise to the Dutchman, something that’s not been denied by Man United. talkSPORT understands the meeting didn’t go as hoped or expected.

O’Hara admits that Sancho’s decision to put out a statement wasn’t the best decision but can’t believe the punishment has been handed out.

The talkSPORT host opened up on a similar experience he had when at Wolves and how it made him depressed.

“I think it’s disgusting what they’re doing to him,” O’Hara said on The Sports Bar.

“I know he’s come out and made a statement, whether that was the right thing to do or not… but was it right of Ten Hag to dig him out when he wasn’t even involved with the group?

“We all know Jadon Sancho needs to be better on the football pitch. And how he does that is getting him back playing football, getting him training and enjoying his football.

Sancho has struggled to live up to the £73million price tag Man United paid for him in the summer of 2021Getty

“What they’re doing to him right now is never going to get Jadon Sancho back to his best. All you’re going to do is mentally damage the football player and make him feel worse than he already does.

“I had it at Wolves. It is the worst feeling ever. You get ostracised from the group, you get made to feel that you’re not wanted, like you mean nothing to anyone and it is depressing.

“It made me depressed going through it and I’m sure Jadon Sancho is struggling right now, he’s already had mental health issues.

“If Manchester United can come out and say they’re mental health ambassadors and they do all this stuff about mental health around their group and community and then do that to their own player, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Sancho’s comments and reaction have not gone down well with Ten HagAFP

O’Hara is furious with the way Sancho has been ostracised

“They shouldn’t be doing that in this day and age… we all know it’s gone on in the past but you can’t do it anymore, especially to a young player who’s already been through mental health struggles.”

Sports Bar co-host Jason Cundy revealed he experienced a similar problem to Sancho when he was at Tottenham, the situation getting so bad that he contacted the Professional Footballers’ Association.

Cundy believes that this decision means Man United have given up on the 23-year-old.

“I had to phone the PFA, I was at Spurs at the time, and I wanted to go and in the end they just ostracised me,” Cundy said.

“What they do, they try to break your spirit, they try to break your will, they try to grind you down. So in the end you’re almost like crawling out of the club.

Cundy also drew on his experiences of being banished at a club

“I didn’t stand for it, I phoned the PFA up. I told them how they were sticking me with the kids, the youth team.

“They try to inconvenience your life as much as they can to try and grind you down and you’ve just got to stay strong. You’ve got to remain resilient and when you go in you’ve got to make sure you’re doing the best you can because all they want to do is break you and move you on.

“When I see that statement, I think that’s what they’re trying to do.

“They actually can’t make you train on your own, you have to train in a group. You have to train with at least two players.

“The PFA will step in and make sure because that is cruel. They’re athletes… they need to be training around players, there needs to be interaction.

“If he has stepped out of line he has to be put with a group of players, you can’t ostracise him. You can’t.”

Cundy continued: “Here’s how I see this situation, the relationship has broken down so badly, from what we know he’s one of the highest paid players at the club, they want him off the wage bill and they want him gone. He’s cost them too much money.

“Right now, no one wants him it would appear. The transfer window has come and gone, they can’t get move him on so now they’ve got to force him out. That’s how it looks to me.”

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