Friday, September 29, 2023

Manchester United and Tottenham stars bottom of list as Kevin De Bruyne ranks Premier League players

Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne has delivered some cruel rankings as Manchester United and Tottenham rivals were left at the bottom.

De Bruyne might be out injured at the moment but he is still terrorising Premier League rivals.

De Bruyne was asked for his opinions on Sky SportsSky Sports

In a segment with Sky Sports, the Belgium international was asked to rank players in order of three from best defender to best creative midfielder – excluding himself.

For the best defender, the City star was given a selection out of Virgil van Dijk, Thiago Silva and Lisandro Martinez.

And that is exactly how he ranked them, placing the United star bottom and the Liverpool defender top – with Silva taking silver.

Van Dijk is a close pal of De Bruyne’s despite their club allegiances and he said: “He has everything.

“Obviously I know him well but he’s got right foot, left foot, height, speed, he’s a leader.

“Thiago, also, is amazing but I think Virgil’s just got that little bit more.

“And Lisandro, he’s a good player but I just don’t know him well enough. I’ve not seen him enough and I only played against him once or twice, so it’s hard to say where I see how I played against him.

“I’ve seen him (Silva) play when he was at Milan and I played against him at PSG so he’s been there for 20 years, so what a career he’s had.”

De Bruyne put Martinez bottom of his three defendersSky Sports

And then Maddison was dropped in at third as wellSky Sports

When asked to rank his top three creative midfielders, De Bruyne was given the options James Maddison, Bruno Fernandes and Martin Odegaard.

He straight away put Maddison at the bottom, while Odegaard was put second and Fernandes taking top spot.

When explaining his choice to dump the Tottenham new signing rock bottom, he said: “Maddison is really creative, but I need to see more of him in a big team, so that can change.

“I think he’s (Fernandes) a creative machine, just in general. He’s been doing it for a long time.

“[Odegaard’ is] very creative but he’s more controlled. Odegaard were amazing last year but obviously he’s younger.”

As one of the best playmakers the Premier League has ever seen, De Bruyne knows one or two things about creativity.

However, City will be without his services until potentially next year after suffering an injury on the opening game of the Premier League season that has ruled him out for four months.

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