Saturday, September 9, 2023

Lionesses star Lauren James sent off for ‘Beckham-esque’ stamp on Nigeria’s Michelle Alozie in Women’s World Cup

Lionesses star Lauren James received a straight red card for stamping on Nigeria star Michelle Alozie during a game. Despite being England’s standout player this summer, James let her frustrations get the better of her as the match approached extra time with a 0-0 scoreline.

Alozie went down after a clash with James, leaving her sprawled out on the floor. However, as James got up from the incident, she intentionally planted her stud onto her opponent’s back. Initially, James was shown a yellow card for the offense, but after a VAR review, the referee changed her decision and sent James off.

With just 10 players, England now faces the challenge of holding on against Nigeria. Fans were left stunned by James’ unnecessary action, with England legend Gary Lineker tweeting, “The Lionesses down to 10 as Lauren James has a Beckhamesque moment of madness.” Former talkSPORT Breakfast host Laura Woods also expressed her disbelief, writing, “F***. Right. Hold on girls.”

The incident drew comparisons to past moments of madness from players like Beckham and Rooney. The oembed-twitter element included a tweet from Rory Talks Football, highlighting James’ fall from hero to zero in a World Cup knockout game.

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England Lionesses star Lauren James has made headlines for the wrong reasons following her dismissal in a controversial Women’s World Cup game against Nigeria. In a match which England went on to win 3-0, James was sent off for a stamp on Nigeria’s Michelle Alozie.

The challenge has been compared to David Beckham’s infamous red card in the 1998 World Cup following a kick out at Diego Simeone. Football observers have drawn attention to the double standards that appear to apply to male and female players – with male players rarely receiving instant dismissals unless the challenge is particularly violent.

Lauren James has accepted her punishment, apologising for her action and taking full responsibility on social media. She indicated that her challenge was not intended to cause harm to the Nigerian player and that she was taking a moment to take stock and reflect on her behaviour.

England’s manager Phil Neville has been supportive of James, and has indicated that she will remain a key part of the team. Neville’s approach was praised by many observers; who said it was an important reminder of the relatively small impact that fouls like these often have on a game.

The reaction online has been mixed, with some people condemning James’s challenge as ‘petulant’ while others have defended her, suggesting that the challenge was innocuous. Ultimately, it seems that James’s punishment was justified; as even a relatively mild gesture like a stamp would not be tolerated in today’s game.

The incident has served as a reminder that honourable behaviour is expected of all footballers, and that any player found to breach these standards will face the consequences. Lauren James should be commended for accepting her punishment with dignity and respect, and for taking full responsibility for her behaviour.

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