Friday, September 8, 2023

Lionel Messi leaves fans stunned after naming Tottenham star Cristian Romero as ‘world’s best defender’

Lionel Messi has named named Cristian Romero as the best defender in the world, leaving fans stunned.

The Tottenham defender moved to the Premier League in the summer of 2022 and has proven himself as a strong, reliable but slightly temperamental centre-back for the north London club.

Romero is the best defender in the world, according to Lionel MessiAFP

Romero and Messi are long-standing Argentina teammatesAFP

However for Argentina, the 25-year-old is one of the best around.

Romero started six of the seven matches on Argentina’s way to World Cup glory in Qatar last year, playing a key role in earning football’s ultimate title.

Argentina were facing Ecuador in a CONMEBOL 2026 World Cup qualifier with Messi winning the game thanks a stunning free-kick, but after the game, it was Romero whom the Inter Miami star gave the credit to.

“For me, he is the best defender in the world right now,” Messi told reporters after the game. “Amazing performance tonight, man of the match.”

It’s not the first time that Messi has singled Romero out for praise either.

Speaking in the Netflix documentary Sean Eternos: Campeones de America, Messi said: “Cuti [Romero]’s appearance was extraordinary for us, for the future of the team and for that moment.”

During the World Cup he also added: “Tough one, I always say we were all on top form.

“If I had to single out someone today, [Nicolas] Otamendi and Cuti Romero have been impressive.

The Tottenham defender is fondly thought of by football GOAT MessiAFP

“They have been key players in each match. Once again, their defence was impressive. But everyone deserved it because we gave it our all.

“But if I have to single someone out, they have been putting in a lot of effort to win since the start of the World Cup.”

But while Messi’s opinion holds a lot of weight, fans on X, former known as Twitter, aren’t so sure.

One said: “Martinez is better, Saliba too , Varane, also & many more.”

Another commented: “I don’t wanna disagree with my GOAT but WTAF??”

A third fan wrote: “Messi has just increased his transfer market value, Tottenham will bill whoever comes for him.”

Meanwhile a fourth supporter wrote: “Exaggerating a bit to say he’s the best in the world but Romero’s doing really good lately.”

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