Friday, September 29, 2023

Lionel Messi helps Apple ‘beat expectations’ as subscribers flock to watch MLS

Lionel Messi is creating a sensation in MLS, and fans are eagerly signing up to watch him play. In just three games for Inter Miami in the Leagues Cup, Messi has already scored five goals, leaving a lasting impact on the league. The MLS is experiencing the “Messi effect,” with celebrities flocking to witness the greatness of one of the greatest players of all time in America.

The demand for Messi’s jerseys is skyrocketing, with them selling out within minutes whenever they become available. This phenomenon has also had a positive impact on Apple TV subscription numbers, as fans can purchase MLS season passes through the platform. During Apple’s quarterly earnings call, CEO Tim Cook expressed excitement about their MLS partnership and the boost in subscribers due to Messi’s presence in Inter Miami.

Apple signed a 10-year deal with the MLS in 2023, aiming to attract more fans to the sport, and Messi’s arrival has proven to be a perfect fit for this objective. Despite being only a few weeks into his MLS journey, the World Cup winner is already making a significant impact on the league.

David Beckham, who is a part-owner of Inter Miami, recently spoke about the influence and legacy he hopes Messi will bring to the game in the United States. Beckham sees Messi’s decision to join Inter Miami as more than just a career move; he views it as a project and a chance to inspire the next generation of players. Beckham believes that Messi’s presence will not only change the face of football in the country but also make the sport bigger and better in America and around the world.

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Overall, Lionel Messi’s arrival in MLS has created a wave of excitement and anticipation among fans, celebrities, and even tech giants like Apple. His impact on the league and the sport as a whole is already being felt, and his presence in Inter Miami is set to leave a lasting legacy.
As Apple continues to be one of the most successful technology companies in the world, more and more people are turning to their services to help them keep up with the latest news and entertainment. Recently, Apple was pleased to announce a surge in customers viewing the Major League Soccer (MLS) matches on their Apple TV service, and they can thank superstar footballer Lionel Messi for helping them beat expectations.

Apple announced that the viewership for MLS matches, broadcast via Apple TV, increased significantly after the recruitment of Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi to the American league. As one of the biggest soccer stars in the world, Messi’s involvement with the MLS and his new club side Inter Miami, has generated much enthusiasm for the league, and this has led to a big increase in people tuning in to watch the games.

The increased viewership has been highly beneficial to Apple, as they are able to advertise their service to a much wider audience, and the increase in interest has allowed them to gain new customers and even beat their expectations. This is largely thanks to the presence of Messi, who has been able to tap into his huge global fanbase to help boost the league and the Apple TV service in the process.

Apple CEO Tim Cook commented on the success of the service, saying “We’re thrilled to see fans of all ages around the world tuning into Apple TV to watch Messi and the MLS. Our subscribers have been very enthusiastic about watching the matches, and it helps us beat our expectations.”

It is clear that the presence of Lionel Messi has provided a major boost to the MLS, and also to Apple TV in the process. Fans of soccer and the MLS have been treated to some exciting matches, thanks to the ability of Apple to deliver the necessary entertainment. The result is that everyone involved has been able to benefit, showing how collaboration can lead to a successful outcome.

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