Friday, September 29, 2023

Laura Woods reveals ‘unfair’ advice that inspired her to be better

Former talkSPORT presenter Laura Woods has opened up on the harsh advice that made her determined to defy the odds in the industry.

In an interview with retailer Karen Millen, Woods was asked if she had any words of wisdom for women looking to pursue a career in sport. 

Karen Millen – YouTubeWoods said the harsh advice made her well-prepared[/caption]

And while she believes the while the counsel received was hard to take at the time, Woods acknowledges it helped make her the exceptional broadcaster she is.

She said: “I always remember one of the first pieces of ‘advice’ I was ever told was from a producer.

“He had heard I wanted to be a presenter, and back then there was a real ‘Oh you want to be a presenter’ and I was like ‘Yeah, I do’.

“And he said: ‘One piece of advice for women is you have a much higher height to fall from, so you have to be better’.

“And it stuck in my head at the time because I was like ‘Why? That’s really unfair’. But it is unfair, it’s not a level playing field yet.

“The thing I took from that is, okay I will be better, I’ll work harder and do my research. What it actually did for me was it just made me a very good professional.”

Woods was talkSPORT’s lead Breakfast presenter for three years, before leaving to join TNT Sports in July 2023. 

Woods is the latest of Karen Millen’s ‘Power Women’, a series which highlights the inspirational achievements of women in industry. 

KAREN MILLEN – YOUTUBEWoods loved Argentina’s win on penalties over France in the World Cup last year[/caption]

Her career has seen her work at some of the biggest tournaments and games in football.

And Woods reckons the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar was the best she has ever seen.

 “You had Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe and I don’t think you could have scripted a better final,” she said.

“So to be there in person and watch it and work on it was just like at the time that was the pinnacle.”

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