Friday, September 8, 2023

Laura Woods reveals the strangest DM she’s ever received and it involved someone’s nan

Laura Woods, a renowned sports presenter in the UK, recently shared an unusual DM she received from a man. In an interview with SportBible, Woods discussed her reputation as a leading sports presenter and the attention she receives on social media.

While Woods has gained admirers for her on-screen talent, she has also attracted some peculiar individuals who try to connect with her through social media. One man took his approach to extreme lengths by sending her a picture of his nan locked in a life-size cage. He claimed that he would only release her if Woods agreed to go for a drink with him.

Naturally, Woods chose not to respond to such a bizarre message. However, the persistent man would follow up a week later, pleading for Woods to release his nan from the imaginary cage. When asked if his method had worked, Woods humorously replied that the nan was still trapped, but this was just one of many strange DMs she has received.

In addition to discussing her unusual DM experiences, Woods also talked about her new role with TNT Sport. She left talkSPORT earlier this summer to pursue this exciting opportunity. Despite the occasional odd message, Woods continues to be one of the most popular sports presenters in the UK.

On a different note, talkSPORT has recently launched a new match center, providing up-to-date information on football fixtures, results, and standings. Football enthusiasts can access Premier League fixtures, the league table, all fixtures and results, and various league tables through this platform.

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British TV presenter Laura Woods has shared the strangest direct message she has ever received on social media, a bizarre inquiry involving her talking to someone’s nan.

On ITV’s Lorraine show, Woods recounted the odd event which occurred approximately a year ago.

“Someone sent me a DM – and this is the strangest one I’ve ever received – saying, ‘I’m looking for someone to chat to my nan for about five or ten minutes,” she explained.

Woods said she was simply astonished by the request and didn’t know how to respond, clarifying that talking to someone’s nan is not the kind of thing you expect to see on social media.

“I looked at this DM and I just thought ‘is this a legitimate inquiry?’ I’m obviously not qualified to chat to your nan – what do you expect me to say,” she said jokingly.

Now, Woods and her team always respond to fans with the utmost professionalism, however, when it comes to talking to nan’s, there’s a clear protocol missing.

“We usually reply to our fans very professionally. However, we had to draw the line at talking to nan’s!” Woods noted.

The lighthearted incident certainly made for a good laugh in the studio, as the conversation highlighted the kind of bizarre interactions celebrities can be exposed to in their public life.

It’s safe to say that Laura Woods’ experiences, both good and strange, will continue to make her fans smile and laugh. As for the viewers of the Lorraine show, they found out what it takes to separate the interesting inquiries from the rest – and it’s not something a typical celebrity voice actor could necessarily do.

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