Friday, September 29, 2023

Laura Woods jokes she wanted Rio Ferdinand sacked and he admits she was ‘the enemy’

Laura Woods and Rio Ferdinand have been paired together for the first time to lead TNT Sports’ football coverage this season. Woods, a highly respected presenter, recently joined TNT after leaving talkSPORT. Ferdinand, a Manchester United legend and renowned pundit, has previously worked for BT Sports and has his own YouTube channel. Despite their individual success, the two had never worked together until now.

In a light-hearted moment, Ferdinand jokingly asked Woods if she thought he was being replaced when he picked her up for a drive around London. Woods playfully responded, recalling her previous experience as a runner and stating that she initially thought Ferdinand should be replaced. However, she soon learned that his long-term contract made it impossible to do so.

As they bantered back and forth during the drive, Woods expressed her surprise at never having worked with Ferdinand before, despite having worked with numerous sports personalities. Ferdinand explained that their lack of collaboration may have been due to his territorial nature and loyalty to his team.

When asked if he had a say in TNT’s hiring decisions, Ferdinand expressed his desire to have a say and revealed that he would have chosen Woods. The two finally coming together is a long-awaited crossover in their careers.

In addition to their partnership, TNT Sports has launched a new talkSPORT match center. This match center provides up-to-date information on football fixtures, results, and standings. Fans can access Premier League fixtures, the Premier League table, all fixtures and results, and all league tables through the match center.

Overall, the pairing of Laura Woods and Rio Ferdinand brings together two respected sports commentators for TNT Sports’ football coverage, and their collaboration is eagerly anticipated by fans.
Rio Ferdinand and Laura Woods have been entertaining their audience with playful banter recently. During an episode of the talkSPORT show ‘The Lockdown Listening’, Woods joked that she wanted her talkSPORT colleague Rio Ferdinand sacked. In response, the former football star cheekily described himself as Woods’ ‘enemy’.

Woods, a talkSPORT radio presenter, made the joke while discussing Ferdinand’s upcoming book ‘#2Sides’. The book sees Ferdinand addressing some of the misconceptions around his life, footballing career and relationships with various figures from the sporting world.

The joke began when Woods asked what it was like for Ferdinand to confront some of the unsavoury problems he had encountered in the past. Woods then asked if Ferdinand had “tried to sack himself”, to which Ferdinand responded “no”. Woods then quipped “You wouldn’t have to try that hard. I’ve tried to sack you and you’re still here”, to which Ferdinand replied: “Oh you’re the enemy!”

The banter between Woods and Ferdinand has certainly been one of the highlights of the show and has kept their audience in stitches. The pair, who have been friends for many years, have a natural chemistry that comes across in their relaxed, humorous conversations.

Woods is an experienced journalist and presenter, who was recently involved in the Channel 4 ‘Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad’ documentary. Meanwhile, Ferdinand’s book ‘#2Sides’ looks back on some of his most important life and footballing experiences, offering personal advice and anecdotes from his career.

Both Woods and Ferdinand have enjoyed successful careers in their respective fields and will no doubt continue to entertain their listeners with their stories and playful banter for many years to come.

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