Friday, September 29, 2023

Laura Woods jokes she ‘got her comeuppance’ amid new job rumours in chat with Rio Ferdinand

Laura Woods has expressed her excitement about joining Rio Ferdinand and the team at TNT Sports this season. Speculation had been circulating that she would take on Jake Humphrey’s role at the rebranded BT Sport’s program, which she jokingly referred to as a fair punishment after her time at talkSPORT Towers.

In a video on TNT Sports’ YouTube channel, Woodsy and Ferdinand drove around south London, discussing how she became the new football presenter for the outlet’s Champions League coverage. She also acknowledged her previous role discussing football transfers on the talkSPORT Breakfast show, which came to an end in June and led to the rumors about her joining TNT.

“It wasn’t immediate,” she told the Manchester United legend. “But talks did progress quickly once they started. There were a lot of rumors before I was approached, and I thought, well, this is my comeuppance! All those times I woke up on the radio and shared rumors with three million people, and suddenly the rumor was about me! I was like, ‘We’re not talking about it!’ to my producers.”

Woods worked her way up at Sky Sports before becoming the talkSPORT Breakfast host in 2020. She then joined DAZN for their coverage of the Women’s Champions League and Matchroom’s boxing events. Currently, she is leading ITV Sport’s coverage of the Women’s World Cup. Despite already having several gigs, Woodsy was drawn to TNT Sports because of their focus on the sport’s supporters.

“I think the thing that sold me the most was their desire to be near the fans,” she explained. “And as a presenter, I’ve really enjoyed that rough and ready style. Being at the ground, among the fans – it’s different, you can’t replicate it in a studio.”

Although she admits to feeling nervous, Woodsy is excited about this new chapter in her career. “I’m very excited. Starting a new project with a new team and a clean slate is a great place to start,” she said. “But I also feel a bit nervous. I feel like the new kid in school, where everyone knows each other and has been in class for a few years. I’ll be sitting at the front of the class… and hopefully, I’ll be the most intelligent one!”
Great Britain’s renowned journalist and television presenter Laura Woods recently made headlines when she made a joke about herself in light of recent job rumours. In an Instagram live chat with former professional footballer Rio Ferdinand, Woods commented that she had finally “got her comeuppance” as she discussed speculation of her departure from her current job to another.

The discussion between the two focused on a rumoured £1million salary, which Woods denied. However, she quipped that it was time for her to move on, adding that she was finally getting “a comeuppance,” with a laugh.

Woods, who normally covers topics such as sports, politics, and celebrity news, has been a television presenter since 2002 and is known for her work on BBC and Sky Sports programs. She also presents ITV’s game show ‘The Chase’.

Since their Instagram chat went viral and drew considerable attention, Woods and Ferdinand have been subject to immense speculation as to the nature of their relationship. However, the two have clarified that they are mere friends and that the chat was purely a normal conversation.

The light-hearted banter between the two seemed to have resonated with a lot of people and was deeply appreciated by their joint fans. It is clear how much everyone values the candidness and vulnerability of Woods and Ferdinand.

Overall, the chat between Woods and Ferdinand has provided a much needed reprieve to the difficult times brought upon us by the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

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