Friday, September 29, 2023

Laura Woods explains theory on Kai Havertz’s position at Arsenal and makes Joelinton comparison

Laura Woods has expressed her trust in Mikel Arteta’s decision to play Kai Havertz in midfield at Arsenal. The German international recently joined the Gunners from Chelsea for £65 million. While Havertz has primarily played in forward positions, he struggled to consistently score goals at Stamford Bridge. However, Arteta has hinted at utilizing him in midfield, a position he has experience in.

Woods supports this plan and believes that Havertz could thrive in midfield under Arteta’s guidance. In an interview with TNT Sports, she stated, “I think with Havertz, he’s not a striker and I think you’ve got to play him in the right position. If Arteta thinks that might be midfield, I’m fully trusting of Arteta. I’ve always been an Arteta, trust the process disciple.”

Woods also emphasized the importance of attitude in football, something Arteta values greatly. She mentioned, “It’s almost like attitude and then talent in a lot of ways, or perhaps on the same level.” Woods drew a comparison to Joelinton, who found success after transitioning from attack to midfield at Newcastle.

Havertz has already made two appearances in pre-season friendlies for Arsenal, scoring in a 5-0 win over MLS All-Stars. Despite not scoring in the All-Star Skill Challenge cross and volley drill, he has shown promise and excitement surrounds his potential impact in midfield.

In conclusion, Laura Woods supports Mikel Arteta’s decision to play Kai Havertz in midfield at Arsenal. She trusts Arteta’s judgment and believes that Havertz’s skills and attitude make him a valuable addition to the team.
In recent weeks, Arsenal have been linked with a move for the highly rated youngster Kai Havertz, with the German international playing a big part in Leverkusen’s successful season thus far. However, it’s yet to be seen where exactly Havertz will fit into Mikel Arteta’s XI if and when he joins the Gunners.

Laura Woods, host of the ‘Total Football Podcast’, believes Havertz could be a vital asset for Arsenal and has a similar profile to Newcastle’s Joelinton.Woods believes Havertz could be deployed as either a “central deep-lying forward” or a number eight, and insists he would be able to offer similar goalscoring strength to Joelinton, having scored 17 goals in all competitions this season.

Woods highlighted the creativity and goalscoring ability that Havertz has demonstrated this season, and how this could help solve the attacking woes that Arsenal have struggled to find this season.

While their defence has improved under Arteta, the Gunners still sit in 10th place in the Premier League, a staggering 18 points behind identified rivals Chelsea who currently occupy fourth spot. Being able to find an extra edge in the final third is something that Arsenal have been particularly lacking, and Havertz could be the missing link, something which Woods recognises.

“He can get in behind, he can create something, he can score goals”. Woods suggested. “But [Arsenal] need him to work together with an all-round attacking configuration, which is something they haven’t quite achieved yet.”

Woods also believes that the versatility of the 21-year-old Germany midfielder could be a great addition to the Arsenal setup, comparing him to Newcastle forward Joelinton.

“He’s very much of the same tactical typology – he can drop deeper and the tactical type of him is close to that of the Brazilian striker Joelinton,” she concluded.

With the transfer window looming, it’s likely that Arsenal may make a move for the German in the coming weeks. If Havertz does join the Gunners, Laura Woods believes he could be the missing link in Mikel Arteta’s squad, and not only offer Arsenal a creative identity, but also additional goalscoring potential.

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