Friday, September 29, 2023

Jeff Stelling left Soccer Saturday pundit Charlie Nicholas flapping and Chris Kamara had him in stitches

Jeff Stelling, the legendary Soccer Saturday presenter, has recently taken on a new role as talkSPORT’s Breakfast show host. Alongside former Scotland and Rangers striker Ally McCoist, Stelling will be presenting the show every Monday and Tuesday from 6am to 10am. Fans of talkSPORT are excited to see what iconic moments Stelling will create in his new role.

Stelling’s arrival has sparked memories of his past hilarious moments, such as the time he out-banter former Arsenal star Charlie Nicholas. During a live broadcast, Stelling corrected Nicholas on an offside call, jokingly suggesting that he should have gone to Specsavers. Nicholas attempted to retaliate, but his response fell flat, leaving fans in stitches.

Another unforgettable moment involving Stelling was when he threw to Chris Kamara for a report during a match. However, Kamara was unaware of a red card incident and hilariously admitted, “I don’t know, Jeff!” Stelling couldn’t contain his laughter, and the whole Soccer Saturday crew joined in. Kamara’s confusion and Stelling’s quick wit made for a priceless moment.

In addition to these memorable moments, talkSPORT has introduced a new match center where fans can stay updated on the latest football fixtures, results, and standings. The match center provides links to Premier League fixtures, the Premier League table, all fixtures and results, and all league tables.

Jeff Stelling’s wit and humor have entertained football fans for years, and his new role as talkSPORT’s Breakfast show host promises to bring even more incredible stories, debates, and laughs. Fans eagerly await his debut in December.
Veteran football pundit Jeff Stelling left fellow Soccer Saturday panellist Charlie Nicholas flapping before having him in stitches, in a memorable moment during Saturday’s show.

When discussing fallen Spanish giants Barcelona, Nicholas started by saying it was a “dismal showing” from the Nou Camp outfit.

Stelling responded by asking the Scot what exactly he meant by a “dismal showing” before quickly adding “you don’t want to go down that path”.

It was then revealed the stats showed Barcelona had over 70 per cent possession during the match, a stat which left Nicholas flapping.

“They’ve had three shots on target but 73 per cent possession …” Stelling said, whilst Nicholas attempted to explain himself before being cut off.

As Nicholas was about to answer, Stelling picked up on the response he was about to give and said “You don’t want to go down that path Charlie”.

This was followed by a grinning Chris Kamara, a fellow panellist on Sky Sports’ Soccer Saturday, offering a shocked expression before turning to face Stelling.

The moment left Stelling with an ear-to-ear grin as the group descended into laughter.

It was only a matter of minutes later that Stelling was falling about laughing again as Kamara was the one left flapping.

Kamara was the victim of a good-natured tease from Stelling over his use of the phrase “king of the Khalifa” instead of “king of the jungle”.

The humorous scene was just further proof of the great camaraderie the Soccer Saturday presenters have on the show.

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