Friday, September 8, 2023

James Maddison aspires to end Tottenham’s trophy drought and says Harry Kane is the ‘best no.9 in world football’

James Maddison is determined to help Tottenham end their 15-year trophy drought. He is excited about the prospect of playing alongside Harry Kane, whom he believes is the best striker in the world. Maddison recently joined Tottenham from Leicester City, where he helped the team win their first-ever FA Cup in 2021. In contrast, Tottenham’s last trophy win was in 2008 when they lifted the League Cup. Maddison is fully committed to bringing silverware to the club and believes in the team’s potential. He acknowledges the media’s focus on Tottenham’s lack of trophies but remains determined to change that narrative.

Maddison also expressed his admiration for Harry Kane, praising him as a brilliant and versatile player. The two have already played together for England and Maddison looks forward to featuring alongside Kane at Tottenham. Kane’s future at the club is uncertain, with interest from Bayern Munich, but Maddison hopes he stays. The combination of Kane’s goal-scoring ability and Maddison’s creativity could be a game-changer for Tottenham.

In addition to their on-field partnership, Maddison’s arrival at Tottenham presents an opportunity for the club to secure long-awaited silverware. The article concludes with a mention of talkSPORT’s football match center, where fans can stay updated on Tottenham’s fixtures, results, and Premier League standings.
James Madison, a prominent figure in the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club’s midfield, has recently voiced his ambition to help the club end its long-standing trophy drought as well as his adoration for fellow team member Harry Kane.

Having recently celebrated his 100th club match, Madison shared his aspirations for the near future in a recent interview, “I am at a club that has not won anything for a very long time…As an individual with ambition its time for us to turn that around.”

Madison’s aspiration for silverware coincides with a rather optimistic view of team mate Harry Kane. “Harry is the best number nine in world football,” he said.

Kane’s current total of 14 goals in 15 Premier League games this season, fits in to the same mantra of success that Madison aspires to attain. They both aim to challenge and outmuscle the rest of the league playing for a tertiary trophy this season.

At only 25 years of age, James Madison has already proven himself as a reliable asset to the Spurs and will be hoping his challenge to end Tottenham’s trophy drought is fulfilled sooner rather than later.

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