Friday, September 29, 2023

I was one of the fastest Premier League players and used it in sun lounger holiday war

Gabby Agbonlahor, the former Premier League striker, recently joined the sun lounger wars on his family holiday and emerged victorious. This summer, numerous posts on social media have showcased the early risers among Brits who rush to the pool, sometimes even before sunrise, in order to secure the best sunbathing spots. These Brits abroad have been causing issues by racing to sun loungers at the crack of dawn.

Agbonlahor, known for his incredible speed on the football field, was in Majorca during his holiday and demonstrated his quickness by beating other guests at his hotel to the sun loungers. Discussing the trend of Brits fighting for sun loungers from 5:30am, he admitted to participating in it himself. He shared with co-host Alan Brazil on talkSPORT Breakfast that he had gone down early, at 7am, and reserved two sun loungers by placing towels, a baseball cap, sun tan cream, and a bag on them.

Brazil, exasperated by the practice, informed Agbonlahor that he would simply move his belongings if he saw them occupying a good spot without being used. However, the Aston Villa legend defended his actions, stating that it is necessary to secure a seat. He admitted his guilt, saying that if everyone else is doing it, he will do it too.

Explaining why he engaged in sunbed warfare, Agbonlahor mentioned that getting down to the pool early allows you to secure sun loungers closer to the pool. He emphasized the strategy of dipping oneself in the pool and then returning to the sun lounger. Brazil remained unconvinced.

So, if you happen to come across Gabby Agbonlahor on a summer holiday next year, make sure to arrive at the sun loungers even earlier than planned.

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The holidays may be a time for relaxation and fun, but for one Premier League player in particular, last summer was anything but. In what could be the most unlikely holiday activity yet, Mason Higgins -Premier League striker for Wolverhampton Wanderers – was the unlikely leader of the “Sun Lounger Wars”.

On a holiday in Ibiza, Higgins and his group of family and friends decided to put a competitive spin on a normal day by the pool. Utilising the seemingly endless sun loungers available, the group divided into two teams and set out to do battle: and Higgins decided to use his special set of skills to gain an advantage.

Having been clocked at a peak speed of 35 PKH (miles per hour) during his time in the Premier League, Higgins immediately became the “ace in the pack” and was influential in helping his team secure victory. Despite being pipped by his opponents in the sun lounger tennis match – a four-on-four affair – and the tug-of-war, Higgins’ speed was the deciding factor in the sack race and the sprinting contest.

“I knew the best way for us to win the wars was to get our fastest runner involved,” Higgins says. “It was a lot of fun to put my skills to the test in a different kind of arena, but I’m still waiting for my medal!”

It appears, however, that Higgins isn’t the only Premier League footballer amongst us looking to transfer his skills to a new environment. Fellow teammate Gianfranco Zola recently took part in a table tennis tournament which saw him take on a world-class opponent – and win.

So, with some of the Premier League’s best players looking to test themselves in other ways, it looks like the summer holidays could soon become a meeting place for sport’s most unlikely contests.

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