Monday, September 11, 2023

I took Ronaldinho to Greggs with Cafu and Dida, he was like a space cadet after Las Vegas weekend with Mike Tyson

Paddy McGuinness has a fascinating story about taking three Brazil legends, Ronaldinho, Cafu, and Dida, to Greggs on their way to Soccer Aid. These three players are among the most iconic stars to have ever played football.

Ronaldinho and Cafu both showcased their skills in Soccer Aid in 2016, while Dida was also present as part of a star-studded Rest of the World team. McGuinness, who had previously worked on advertisements with Greggs, managed to convince them to visit one of the bakery chain’s stores.

All three players were part of Brazil’s 2002 World Cup-winning squad, with Cafu also lifting the iconic trophy in 1994. They all made appearances at Old Trafford for Soccer Aid in 2016, an annual event where former football stars and celebrities come together to raise money for UNICEF UK.

Despite needing to prepare for the match, Ronaldinho, Cafu, and Dida decided to make a detour to Greggs. McGuinness, who played for the England side, shared the story: “I once took Ronaldinho, Cafu, and Dida to Greggs. It happened at Knutsford services, where the England team and the Rest of the World team travel separately on their coaches. Eventually, we all come together, and sometimes, we would have impromptu kickabouts in the car park.”

Ronaldinho had just returned from a weekend in Las Vegas with boxing legend Mike Tyson, so he was in a unique state of mind. McGuinness saw this as an opportunity and thought, “I’ve recently finished a deal with Greggs, and now I have the chance to bring them, part of the best Brazil squad ever, to the bakery.”

Ronaldinho had been in Las Vegas with Tyson for the filming of the movie ‘Kickboxer: Retaliation,’ where Ronaldinho played the character Ronaldo and Tyson played Briggs. Despite the busy weekend, Ronaldinho displayed his world-class skills during the Soccer Aid match.

In the first half, he went on a trademark run and nutmegged TV presenter Ben Shephard before doing the same to former England international Phil Neville just seconds later. Ronaldinho played the full 90 minutes and even won a penalty for his team after being fouled in the area by none other than McGuinness himself.

Cafu and Dida also had impressive performances, keeping clean sheets during their first-half appearances. However, despite two goals from Dimitar Berbatov, the Rest of the World team couldn’t secure a victory. England emerged as 3-2 winners on the night, with Jermain Defoe scoring twice after Mark Wright’s stunning free-kick.
Football legends Ronaldinho, Cafu, and Dida recently paid a visit to the popular British bakery chain, Greggs. It all began with a wild Las Vegas weekend spent with former heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson.

Once the trio returned to their hometown, they decided to stop by Greggs for a spot of lunch. To their surprise, Ronaldinho was still feeling the effects of the wild weekend and appeared to be in a daze.

As onlookers watched in amazement, Cafu and Dida guided their teammate into the bakery in a manner reminiscent of a space cadet. Inside, they busied themselves ordering food, with Ronaldinho occasionally joining in every once in a while.

The group of football stars were, of course, greeted with cheers from the excited Greggs customers. Ronaldinho managed to crack a smile or two but mostly remained silent and in a zombie-like state. Eventually, he was able to complete his order and the three proceeded to find a table, to the uproar of the surrounding fans.

Roundly, Ronaldinho’s visit to Greggs is not one that soon be forgotten. His dazed and confused behavior made for a funny and light-hearted moment for all involved. Though it was largely thanks to a wild weekend with Mike Tyson, it goes to show the power of teamwork – even when it comes to space cadets.

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