Friday, September 29, 2023

Hilarious footage from Scottish Masters shows carpet pull up, shocking miss, and players wrestling

Celtic beat Hibernian 5-2 to become the Scottish Masters champions of 2023 and there were some utterly brilliant moments.

During a lull of sporting activity on the weekends, it can be like finding an oasis in the desert when finding that the Masters football is on TV.

While running, large parts of carpet would randomly flick upBBC SCOTLAND

It’s all going well at the Scottish Masters Cup

— Average Striker (@AverageStriker) September 9, 2023

And this weekend was no different when the Scottish Masters made a return, including legends including Kris Boyd, Grant Holt and Gary Hooper all in action at the Braehead Arena in Glasgow.

While Celtic ran rampant throughout the tournament, arguably the best moment of the tournament was when Ryan Stevenson and Kelvin Wilson became embroiled in a bizarre fight.

Celtic were facing Hearts at Braehead when the two locked horns on the blue carpet (more on that later) and things got heated.

Wilson tried to shield the ball from his Jambo opponent but Stevenson was not ready to give up the fight – literally.

As the ball left their vicinity, neither of the two players made any attempt to break out of the strange locked position they found themselves in.

It ended up with the two on the floor jostling with one another before players from both sides tried to break it up.

The referee decided to sin bin the pair, who stood across from each other like naughty school children off the ‘pitch’.

We say ‘pitch’, as it really wasn’t, as players tripped up and stumbled over what was essentially a carpet – and not a very good one at that.

Wilson and Stevenson forgot what sport they were playing momentarilyBBC Scotland

While they did the Scottish Tango, they had to be pulled awayBBC SCOTLAND

And both of yer das got sin-binned as a resultBBC SCOTLAND

Watching the #ScottishMasters Sixes at Braehead live on BBC Scotland just now. #Hearts v #Celtic and we have two sent off already as two players end up rolling about! Wilson & Stevenson.
Rangers v Hibs up next.#ScottishMasters

— Naebull (@NaeBull) September 9, 2023

Someone had clearly forgotten their seaming tape as large swathes of ‘turf’ would flick up as players ran past.

One incident saw a considerable part of carpet pull up in the final just minutes into the contest between Celtic and Hibs.

But while someone might have to brush up on their DIY skills, some strikers might have to make a trip back to the training field.

Particularly Boyd, who while goal-hanging and with the goalkeeper off his line, decided to blast his shot into space when Rangers played Celtic.

Boyd had an excellent chance but skied it into Loch NessBBC SCOTLAND

Holt, though, had no such problem, scooping his effort over the goalie like he was at St Andrew’sBBC SCOTLAND

He should have taken a leaf out of Grant Holt’s book, who when presented with a near carbon copy of such a chance, placed his shot in the net effortlessly.

The former Norwich star and wrestler was playing up front for Hibs against Hearts in the Edinburgh derby when he dinked an expert shot over the goalie.

But ultimately, Celtic proved triumphant as even their oldies have more in the tank than their usual opponents.

They won the final against Hibs 5-2 with Kris Commons proving crucial, curling in the opener.

Hooper scored a double on his way to winning the Golden Boot for the tournament as Hibs’ legends ran out of steam.

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