Thursday, September 7, 2023

Gary O’Neil booked for protests as Wolves are denied late penalty after challenge by Man United goalkeeper Andre Onana

Gary O’Neil was given a yellow card for his protests after Wolves were denied a late penalty against Manchester United.

With the Red Devils leading 1-0 at Old Trafford, the visitors were pushing forward for a route back into the game when a lofted ball into the box turned into the game’s most controversial moment.

Onana wasn’t penalised after wiping out Wolves striker Sasa Kalajdzic inside the Man United boxGetty

O’Neil couldn’t believe what he was seeing and was booked for his protestsGetty

As the cross came into the box, Onana leapt to punch the ball but missed it entirely, appearing to wipe out Sasa Kalajdzic in the process.

Wolves protested for a penalty with the decision being sent to be checked by VAR for a potential penalty.

However, the decision was made that no clear and obvious foul had been committed by Onana, meaning that any hope of a Wolves comeback was over.

Clearly aggrieved by the decision, O’Neil could be seen protesting the call to the fourth official, leading referee Simon Hooper to head over to the touchline to give him a yellow card, as per the new rules enforced by the Premier League this season.

“It looked like the goalkeeper tried to take the centre-forward’s head off is what it looked like live and when I watch it now it looks the same,” O’Neil told Sky Sports.

“I’m really surprised it’s not a foul. If you go for the ball and clatter the player that hard it has to be foul. I’m not surprised we didn’t get it. I thought he was coming to the screen but he came over to book me.

“I understand it, but I don’t accept it. I’ve spoken to them about last season. We can’t just leave it to the on field decision if they say no as it’s a hard call for them. I’ve had a lot of messages saying it is a stonewall penalty.”

Discussing the decision on talkSPORT, Danny Murphy didn’t hold back either, saying: “I sometimes jump in in the moment, but that, even after a minute or two of thinking about it is beyond belief that they can’t see that as at least something that has to be looked at by the referee.

Should Wolves have had a penalty?

— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) August 14, 2023

“He has to have a look at it. He’s flown out, jumped in the air, missed the ball and taken him out.”

Murphy added: “How can it not be a penalty? I can’t understand how it can not be a penalty.

“It’s called incompetence. I try to be positive and open-minded and I’m trying with the officials but when you see that – you do not get a more obvious penalty than that.

“I get that the referee might have missed it. Of course there’s lots of bodies in the box but for him to not be recommended to have a look at it is just beyond belief.

“The team in the VAR box has to be questioned because that is incompetence of the highest level.”

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