Thursday, September 7, 2023

Fulham star fumes on Instagram as teammate smashes his windscreen a year after Aleksandar Mitrovic did it

Fulham star Tom Cairney could not believe it when he returned to his car to see his windscreen smashed up – again.

And for the second time, the culprit was a Fulham teammate, whose wayward shot managed to hit his vehicle.

Cairney could not believe that his car had been smashed up yet againInstagram @thomascairney10

The playmaker took to Instagram to reveal the damage done, this time by Rodrigo Muniz.

Writing on his Instagram story, Cairney initially blamed Carlos Vinicius in a furious post.

But when the real offender came to light, the Scotland international apologised to the ex-Tottenham loanee.

“I wish our strikers could shoot,” Cairney wrote alongside an angry-swearing emoji.

“How’s that possible again? @CarlosVinicius95 F*** you!”

But in a subsequent post, he said: “Apologies @CarlosVinicius95 it was the other Brazilian, @rodrigomuniz019!”

Whether Fulham are using medicine balls for their strikers to train with remains to be seen as the damage to Cairney’s car looked brutal.

The entire windshield was smashed in with his vehicle sitting in the club’s training ground car park.

Cairney blamed Vinicius but it was actually Muniz that smashed up his carInstagram @thomascairney10

And it is not the first time as Mitrovic actually damaged Cairney’s windshield first 13 months beforeTwitter @Matthew70569619

However, this is remarkably not the first time that this has happened to Cairney – with Aleksandar Mitrovic dealing the damage last time in August 2022.

The Serbia international, who has since left west London for Saudi Arabia, said: “It’s true I broke Tom’s window but it was not on purpose.

“His car was behind the goal when we were finishing in training.

“I mishit a shot, the ball went over the fence and it was so hot that day and it hit the windscreen and broke it.”

But was Mitrovic in an apologetic mood? Certainly not, as he sent a picture of himself grinning next to the car to the Fulham squad.

Cairney posted the snap alongside the caption: “He sent this into the group chat. Looks like he feels really guilty, don’t you think?”

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