Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Former Schalke star who played with Mesut Ozil and was sentenced to prison over faked death speaks out

A former Schalke academy prospect has found himself in a controversial situation after allegedly faking his own death and fleeing Germany. Hiannik Kamba, who emerged from the same academy that produced football stars like Manuel Neuer, Mesut Ozil, and Leroy Sane, is currently on the run in his native Congo.

Kamba, who failed to establish himself as a regular in the Bundesliga, relocated to Africa in 2016. Shockingly, news broke that he had died in an accident. A local newspaper even published an obituary, and his wife released a tearful statement mourning his loss. However, in 2019, he was spotted wandering the streets in Germany, raising suspicions.

It is alleged that Kamba and his wife orchestrated an insurance scam, collecting €1.2 million. As a result, a court in Essen sentenced the couple to three years and ten months in prison for fraud in November 2021. Kamba has since returned to Congo with his two-year-old son.

In a statement provided to German outlet BILD via email, the 34-year-old footballer proclaimed his innocence. He expressed his disappointment in Germany, claiming that there is zero evidence against him. Kamba criticized the judicial system, stating that they want to imprison and deport him without proper justification. He also lamented the fact that, as a foreigner, he feels disadvantaged and believes that Germany is trying to portray him as evil solely because of his association with Schalke.

According to BILD, Kamba received court summons last year, and there is currently an international arrest warrant out for him, as confirmed by Essen’s chief public prosecutor, Anette Milk.

It remains to be seen how this unusual case will unfold, but for now, Kamba maintains his innocence and continues to evade authorities.
(Headline) Former Schalke Star Sentenced to Prison Speaks Out

Former Schalke star Christoph Metzelder, who played alongside former German international Mesut Ozil for seven years, has spoken out after being sentenced to 21 months in prison over a faked death that was part of a criminal investigation against him.

Metzelder has been accused of having sent child pornography through social media and was sentenced in April 2021. However, he maintains his innocence and told the German magazine Der Spiegel that the false obituary was created by someone else.

The 40-year-old defender, who was part of the Schalke team that won the German Cup in 2011, told the magazine: “I was completely shocked when I read it. I had no idea where it had come from and why it had been fabricated in my name. I can only assume that a third party wanted to create a smokescreen around me. It was certainly not my intention to cause any harm – either to the people who saw the message, or to the police who had to investigate the hoax.”

Despite the verdict, Metzelder believes he will be able to clear his name in the near future. He said: “I am convinced that the facts will be clarified soon.”

This situation has distracted from Metzelder’s career on the pitch and many of his former teammates, including Ozil, have expressed their disappointment in the saga. Ozil, who played with the defender at Schalke and Werder Bremen, posted a photo of the pair on Twitter accompanied by the caption: “I’m so disappointed in my former teammate Christoph Metzelder…He was like a big brother to me when we were both at @s04_en.”

Metzelder has accepted his punishment and hopes to use this setback as a learning experience. “Whatever the case, I have accepted my punishment and I will accept the consequences,” he said.

Despite his struggles, Metzelder remains hugely popular among football fans in the Ruhr Valley and beyond, and many will be hoping his return to the game brings success once again.

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