Friday, September 29, 2023

Footage shows Lionel Messi’s bodyguard follows him EVERYWHERE at Inter Miami… even in goals celebrations

Lionel Messi has taken centre stage at Inter Miami since he signed for the Major Soccer League outfit this summer.

But eagle-eyed fans have noticed it’s not only the Barcelona legend that is regularly in the spotlight… and it’s not another Miami star.

Messi’s bodyguard is never too far away from himtwitter:@wearemessi

He even lurks nearby during goal celebrationstwitter:@lionel30i

And guards him in post-match interactionstwitter:@mbae_amos

Messi‘s bodyguard has also become a regular feature during the many moments of magic the Argentine has created following his free transfer from Paris Saint-Germain.

Footage posted by fans on social media shows the tall, muscular man regularly standing on the edge of the pitch during games.

He also enters the pitch after the full time whistle, guiding Messi down the tunnel and even standing in the way of him and anyone that approaches him.

The bodyguard is always dressed in a black Inter Miami polo shirt and black trousers, and fans now recognise him as the man in charge of keeping one of football’s greatest ever players safe.

According to Argentine newspaper La Nacion, the MLS club – co-owned by England and Manchester United legend David Beckham – hired the bodyguard.

The report claims Messi’s new shadow is Yassine Chueko, a former US Army soldier who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Navy Seal.

The Argentine follows Chueko’s Instagram, which has many videos of him participating in martial arts, taekwondo, boxing and MMA fights.

The report also states he follows Messi and his family around outside of football and training too, including when they go shopping at the supermarket.

Chueko has plenty of snaps of his ripped physique on his Instagraminstagram:@yasstchueko

He’s also got a picture with former champion UFC lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov on his Instagraminstagram:@yasstcheuko

The 36-year-old has already scored 10 goals in eight appearances for the MLS side, including one in the Leagues Cup final, with Beckham’s club going on to win their first piece of silverware.

Beckham’s fellow Inter Miami co-owner Jorge Mas revealed the club had placed a focus on security following Messi’s arrival.

“Security will obviously be enhanced,” he told the Miami Herald. “Players will be bussed in, going through a tunnel. All of those security protocols are already prepared both for here and away. And it’s not only for our games.

“It’s going to be an everyday occurrence and something we witnessed and I thought handled very well when [Messi] was here with Argentina before the World Cup.

“As you may recall, Argentina trained in Miami before they flew over to to Doha. We had an opportunity to see some of the Messi mania at our doors on an everyday basis during practice. So, we’re very prepared. We’ve been getting ready for this.”

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