Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Footage shows crazy training of Lionel Messi’s ‘navy seal’ bodyguard and dropping man with KO blow to head

Given Lionel Messi’s legendary status in world football, there’s no surprise fans are desperate the meet the man himself.

However, getting near him is a problem given his personal bodyguard roams the sidelines to keep him protected.

Messi is closely followed by his bodyguard ChuekoAFP

Outside of the football stadium, he has tried his luck in the ring@yasstchueko Instagram

Chueko has been successful in doing so, beating an opponent in less than 2 minutes@yasstchueko Instagram

Yassine Chueko has gone viral on social media recently for his pitch-side appearances, ensuring the World Cup winner is safe.

Dressing in all black, he escorts Messi down the tunnel at full-time and was reportedly hired by Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham himself.

It is said, according to Argentine newspaper La Nacion, Chueko is a former Navy Seal, though given the secretive nature of special forces it’s unlikely to be confirmed, while his nationality is also unclear.

Requirements to enlist in the US armed forces is that applicants must be either a U.S. citizen, by birth or naturalisation, or be a ‘green card’ holder.

One thing clear, though, is true is his wealth of experience in combat sports.

His Instagram is full of videos and pictures of his gym training and fights in the ring, with the bodyguard certainly not one to mess with.

He won his first professional Muay Thai bout last year, emerging as the winner after just 90 seconds.

Chueko was on hand to deliver a hefty knockout on his opponent with a leg kick before delivering a final blow.

Chueko is not shy to try new things when training@yasstchueko Instagram

He takes it to extreme lengths to be as strong as possible@yasstchueko Instagram

MMA can also be added to his list of expertise@yasstchueko Instagram

Chueko has been lucky enough to meet a fighting legend@yasstchueko Instagram

Do not ask Messi for a selfie if you see this man…@yasstcheuko

He has also shown off his efforts in the MMA cage, with his takedown skills adding to his fighting versatility.

In training, one video shows him practising his punches and leg kicks whilst towing a weighted tyre behind his back.

Another has him lifting a dumbbell by his teeth, with the pain clear to see on his face but he keeps on going.

On top of all of that, he has also been in the presence of MMA greatness as snapped a picture with Khabib Nurmagomedov outside Barcelona’s Camp Nou.

Like Messi, he has since swapped Barcelona for Miami following two seasons at Paris Saint-Germain.

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner has been sensational for his new club so far having scored ten goals in eight appearances.

Messi has also already won his first piece of silverware at Inter Miami as they lifted the Leagues Cup at the weekend.

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