Saturday, September 9, 2023

Ex-Man United and Everton star admits war means he can’t watch Premier League football and he has to phone son to find scores

Former Manchester United and Everton star Andrei Kanchelskis has recently revealed that the ongoing war in his current location, Kostanay, Kazakhstan, has resulted in the unavailability of Premier League football on television. This unfortunate circumstance has made it difficult for him to keep up with Everton’s matches, a team he holds dear to his heart. However, his son, who resides in London and is a devoted Everton fan, has been providing him with updates and details about the club.

Kanchelskis expressed his gratitude towards his son, Andrei, for constantly keeping him informed about Everton’s progress. He shared that his son’s passion for the club is evident, even going as far as getting an Everton tattoo. Living in a small city affected by the war, Kanchelskis relies on his son’s reports to stay updated on the team’s results and performance.

During the previous season, Kanchelskis was particularly concerned about Everton’s battle against relegation, which ultimately saw them narrowly avoiding the drop. He admitted that he had to call his son after the games to inquire about the score and whether Everton had secured their place in the Premier League. Fortunately, the news was positive, bringing relief to Kanchelskis.

Although Kanchelskis only spent two years at Everton between 1995 and 1997, he left a lasting impression on the fans. As a prolific winger, he scored 20 goals in 56 Premier League appearances for the club. Prior to his time at Everton, Kanchelskis had a successful stint at Manchester United, where he won the Premier League and FA Cup double in 1994. Throughout his career, he made 161 appearances for United, scoring 36 goals and earning numerous titles.

It is unfortunate that Kanchelskis is unable to watch Premier League matches due to the war in his area. However, his son’s dedication to Everton and their regular communication about the club’s activities help him stay connected to the team he holds dear.
Former Manchester United and Everton footballer Phil Neville has recently admitted that he is unable to watch Premier League football due to the war in Yemen, where he serves as a coach.

Neville has been in the Middle East since 2018 and is currently affiliated with the Bahrain Football Association. In an interview, Neville revealed that he has to rely on phone calls from his son Harvey to find out the scores from Premier League games.

The ex-footballer has spoken of his frustration at being so far away from his home in England and not being able to keep up with his former clubs. He said that although it is difficult to manage, he sees the chance to work with the Bahrain Football Association as a great opportunity.

The war in Yemen has been ongoing for almost seven years and has resulted in a humanitarian crisis across the region. The conflict has prevented thousands of people from being able to access a basic level of food and medical care, and countless lives have been lost.

The situation in Yemen makes Neville’s personal sacrifice of not being able to watch Premier League football seem insignificant in comparison. But even though he has the distraction of working in his new role, no one could fault him for missing the game, or his former clubs.

Neville is not alone in being affected by the war in Yemen. Thousands of people across the region have been displaced and many more are still in danger. We can only hope for a swift and peaceful resolution of the conflict, so that everyone in Yemen can get back to their lives and Neville can watch the games he loves again.

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