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Everton fan Jordan Rossiter hated Liverpool despite playing for them and refused to wear kit

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher grew up as an Everton fan before eventually becoming a devoted Liverpool supporter. However, Jordan Rossiter, a midfielder born in Merseyside, never fully made the transition. Despite joining Liverpool’s academy at the age of six and progressing through the Melwood system, Rossiter’s heart remained loyal to Everton.

Rossiter’s potential for greatness was evident when he made his debut for Liverpool Under-18s on his 15th birthday. He also played for the under-19 side at the same age. However, internally, he struggled with his Everton allegiance and despised Liverpool.

Karl Robinson, who coached Rossiter during his time at Liverpool, revealed that Rossiter was such a massive Everton fan that they had to prohibit him from wearing an Everton kit in the gym. Instead, Rossiter opted to wear a Celtic kit because he couldn’t bear to put on a Liverpool kit.

It’s not uncommon for local players in the Liverpool academy to have been Everton fans, just as it would have been the case at Everton’s academy with Liverpool supporters. This rivalry between the two clubs runs deep in the city.

Despite his conflicting emotions, Rossiter was given his senior debut by Brendan Rodgers at the age of 17, scoring in a League Cup victory against Middlesbrough. However, in the summer of 2016, after 13 years at Anfield, Rossiter made the decision to leave Liverpool and join Rangers, where he had better opportunities to play in the first team.

Although he only made five appearances for Liverpool, Rossiter has since had spells at Bury, Fleetwood Town, and currently plays for Bristol Rovers. Reflecting on his time at Liverpool, Rossiter admitted that he realized he wouldn’t be able to consistently play at such a prestigious club. The competition and skill level were incredibly high, and he knew he needed to drop down a level or two to have a better chance of regular playing time. Thus, he made the move to Rangers.

In conclusion, Jordan Rossiter’s journey from being an Everton fan to playing for Liverpool and eventually moving on to other clubs demonstrates the complexities and challenges faced by young players in their football careers.
Jordan Rossiter was a product of the Liverpool Academy, playing for them at a youth level from under 7 to under 18. Throughout this time there was one thing which remained consistent: He was an Everton fan.

In a recent interview, Rossiter opened up about his refusal to wear the red Liverpool kit, even though he had spent so much of his childhood playing for the Reds. He said that many of his friends at the club had known about his support for The Toffees. Moreover, they joked that whenever he put on that Liverpool kit, he was crying on the inside.

Rossiter also commented on the difficulty of his situation: having to stay quiet and put on a brave face whilst being an Evertonian in the middle of Anfield.

Unfortunately, once Klopp took over the reigns, Rossiter found himself out of favour in the first team squad and joined Rangers for free.

His career has since been jeopardized by injuries, but Rossiter remains a cult figure among Toffees fans. That is for his refusal to ever wear the Liverpool kit, and for upholding his loyalty to the royal blue of Merseyside.

While Rossiter professed his love for Everton, he admitted that he shared a mutual respect with the Liverpool fans who followed his progress in his earlier days.

He went on to say that he had one final message for the Merseyside supporters – for Liverpool and Everton to stay “friends”, so that young players don’t have to go through what he did all those years ago.

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