Friday, September 29, 2023

Danny Murphy: I made appointment to be tested after Simon Jordan’s powerful prostate cancer message

Danny Murphy has revealed that he has made an appointment to be tested for prostate cancer after being inspired by Simon Jordan’s powerful message. Jordan, who has been off the talkSPORT airwaves for a few weeks due to his surgery following his diagnosis, shared his experience and urged men to get tested. Murphy, a former Liverpool midfielder, praised Jordan and decided to take action himself. He booked a test and had it done yesterday. Murphy mentioned that he spoke to Jordan, who encouraged him to go through with it. He admitted that he had been putting it off like many other men, but after hearing Jordan’s message, he realized the importance of getting tested. Jordan, who recently returned to talkSPORT, opened up about his health and the surgery he underwent. He emphasized the significance of addressing the issue of prostate cancer and getting tested, even if there are no symptoms or apparent challenges. Jordan’s message resonated with many, and his bravery has inspired others to take action. He highlighted the alarming statistics, such as one in eight white men and one in four black men being at risk of prostate cancer. Jordan stressed the importance of raising awareness and not ignoring the issue, as lives can be saved through early detection and treatment. Despite his recovery process, Jordan expressed his eagerness to get back to his usual self and even made a lighthearted joke upon his return.
Danny Murphy, the former Liverpool, Charlton and Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, has announced that he has made an appointment to be tested for prostate cancer after being inspired by a powerful message from fellow former professional footballer, Simon Jordan.

Jordan recently talked publicly of his experiences of having the disease, in an attempt to encourage more men to get tested for it. The resurgence of the conversation about this important subject has seen Murphy move to respond and take the necessary steps to staying safe.

He tweeted: “After seeing Simon Jordan talk on TV about his fight with prostate cancer I’ve decided to get myself tested. Appointment made. Thank you for your bravery and honesty. Please men, don’t be scared. #gettested.”

This announcement from Murphy is a great example to the many men who may be hesitant to take the action Jordan, and now Murphy, are arguing for. Having such hugely influential and deeply respected figures lend support to the message is incredibly important.

Many men may not realise how common prostate cancer is, or the potential life- threatening consequences of not catching it early. It has been reported that the disease affects one in eight men in the United Kingdom, so taking this sort of action has the potential to save many people’s lives.

Murphy’s announcement is a welcome addition to the conversation around the disease, which is taking place nationally. Jordan’s passion and candour are proving to be inspiring to many, and Murphy’s pledge of support to this cause is a hugely significant gesture. He has now become a spokesperson for this conversation and, through his own admission, has set an example to others of the importance of getting the necessary tests.

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