Friday, September 29, 2023

Chelsea should have broke the bank to sign Kylian Mbappe or Harry Kane with new signings ‘lacking quality’

Gabby Agbonlahor believes that Chelsea should have made a significant investment to sign either Kylian Mbappe or Harry Kane during the summer transfer window. Despite already spending £434.5 million in the recent transfer market and over £1 billion in the last three windows, Chelsea’s start to the new season has been disappointing, with only four points from four games, including a 1-0 defeat to Nottingham Forest. Agbonlahor suggests that Chelsea’s lack of quality in front of goal is a result of their poor business in the summer. He questions why Chelsea didn’t use a portion of their massive budget to make an irresistible offer to Paris Saint-Germain for Mbappe or to Tottenham for Kane. Agbonlahor criticizes the club for signing numerous average players and highlights the ineffectiveness of Mudryk, who almost cost Chelsea two goals. He also criticizes the team’s lack of a defined playing style and their constant formation changes. Agbonlahor concludes by suggesting that Pochettino’s time as Chelsea manager may be limited if the team continues to lose.
Chelsea have been dealt a double blow in the transfer window as neither Kylian Mbappe nor Harry Kane have been added to their squad of new signings. This lack of quality for the club is indicative of their approach to transfers. In this case, they have missed out on two of the world’s most highly sought-after soccer stars.

Mbappe and Kane have long been considered the premier talents in the world of football. Both young, fast and exciting, these players are considered by many to be future Ballon d’Or winners. It is understandable that Chelsea had hoped to sign them, as they have established themselves as one of England’s top teams.

Unfortunately, due to financial and other considerations, the club seemed reluctant to meet the asking prices for Mbappe and Kane. Instead, they opted to sign players with potential, but who may not have the same impact in the short-term. This could prove to be a costly mistake, as Chelsea has already failed to make the Champions League this season, and these new signings may not be enough to make them competitive.

It is understandable that Chelsea had their reasons for not spending big money on Mbappe or Kane. However, the reality is that they have missed out on two of the best players in the world, and these new signings may not be able to make up for that.

Ultimately, Chelsea should have broken the bank to sign Mbappe or Kane. With their ambition and drive, these two stars could have been the catalyst for a successful season. In the wake of this lack of quality signings, it is important that Chelsea recognises their mistakes and makes the necessary changes to ensure they can compete at a higher level.

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