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Carlton Cole sounds off on ex-Chelsea manager who used to SLEEP on the job

Former West Ham star Carlton Cole has revealed how he walked in on Avram Grant fast asleep at his desk one day.

While on the Happy Hour Podcast with prominent YouTube star JaackMaate, ex-Chelsea, West Ham, Celtic and England striker Cole was asked about the managers he worked under – and Grant’s name came up.

Cole played for West Ham over two stintsGetty

Grant had one year at West Ham that did not go to planGetty

The Israeli coach famously took Chelsea to the Champions League final in 2008 where they lost on penalties Manchester United having also narrowly missed out on the Premier League title to the Red Devils in the same season.

A spell at West Ham, where Cole and Grant became acquainted, was not as successful. Cole revealed that one day he even discovered the boss asleep at his desk.

The former Chelsea striker said: “This one time at training, we had a match the next day so we are waiting for the gaffer.

“And we are like, ‘where’s the gaffer?’ We are all on the pitch waiting for him. You gotta wait for the gaffer to come out and then training commences.

“The gaffer ain’t coming out. We started training at 10:30, we’ve been there since 9:30, and the gaffer is still not out there.

“So I ask, ‘has anyone seen the gaffer?’ Everyone is like, ‘yeah, yeah I’ve seen him earlier. He strolled in.’

“Okay, cool, he is in the building. So we thought he must be on the blower doing a deal or something, I don’t know.

“But it got to 11 o’clock and we are just knocking the ball out so someone has got to go find him.

Cole explained how he found Grant asleep at his deskHAPPY HOUR PODCAST

HAPPY HOUR PODCASTHe even showed how he found his manager[/caption]

“Anyway, I think it was James Collins and myself, we knock on the door and no one answered.

“We open the door, and the geezer is sat there like this. [Pretends to be asleep on the desk with his head on the table.]

“I was like, ‘is he alright? Is he crying or something?’ I said, ‘gaffer! Avram!’

“And he’s like [pretends to wake up dazed]. I was like, ‘oi! We are all out training! We are all ready!’

“He says, ‘sorry! Sorry!’ The geezer was sleeping!”

Grant did not last long at West Ham despite signing a four-year deal in 2010.

In fact, he was sacked on the penultimate day of the 2010/11 season which saw the Hammers get relegated from the Premier League.

Cole, meanwhile, enjoyed two spells at West Ham after his first stint ended in 2013 when he was released.

However, he returned months later for another two years, playing for the club for a total of nine years.

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