Friday, September 29, 2023

Behind-the-scenes footage shows Newcastle man Dan Burn do famous dance as rival fans ‘cringe’

Newcastle star Dan Burn has once again showcased his famous dance moves during media duties, sparking mixed reactions among fans. The Geordie defender gained viral fame last season when he scored in a 2-0 victory over Leicester in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals. After the match, cameras captured Burn performing a unique dance move in the dressing room, which has now become iconic. As the new season approaches, the 31-year-old has once again displayed his dance moves in front of a green screen, hinting that fans may see it on their screens soon if he scores. While Newcastle supporters adore Burn, not everyone is convinced by his dance moves, with some fans finding it cringeworthy and criticizing the club for becoming increasingly embarrassing. Despite the divided opinions, Newcastle fans are currently united and ecstatic under manager Eddie Howe, after enduring years of misery under the previous regime. Burn himself is delighted to be a part of the team, having taken the risk to leave a rising Brighton side to join his boyhood club. Reflecting on his decision, Burn expressed his surreal feeling of playing regularly and securing Champions League football with Newcastle, surpassing his expectations. Since joining the Magpies in January 2022, Burn played every game in the Premier League last season, helping the team finish fourth in the table and secure a spot in the Champions League for the first time in two decades. With high hopes for success, Newcastle aims to win a major trophy after falling short in the Carabao Cup final against Manchester United last season. The club’s last major silverware was the FA Cup in 1955, 68 years ago.
Newcastle defender Dan Burn has caused a stir online with a video featuring behind-the-scenes footage.

The footage shows the 28-year-old doing the iconic dance introduced by American rapper Tyga in 2011. Tyga’s performance of the dance has been viewed over 70 million times on YouTube, and has seen people of all ages recreate the dance across the world.

The footage from the Newcastle training session shows Burn doing his own version of the dance, much to the amusement and bemusement of his team-mates and rivals.

The video, which has quickly gone viral, features a range of reactions from people watching, with rival fans reportedly cringing. Newcastle supporters, however, have got behind the player, expressing their support for the entertaining show from the 28-year-old.

Burn himself didn’t seem to be too fussed about the reaction as he continued with the dance despite fellow players trying to distract him.

However, it’s not just Burn that has caught the attention of fans with his impressive dance skills. Fellow players Joe Willock and Jamal Lewis were seen joining in with the routine, much to the delight of viewers.

The video has been welcomed by Newcastle supporters as a sign that the squad is having fun and enjoying the season, as the team continue their pursuit of promotion back to the Premier League.

Whether Burn’s moves prove to be detrimental or beneficial to Newcastle’s pushing for promotion remains to be seen. But, if nothing else, the video does provide the team with a break from the usual pressures of life on the pitch and a much needed smile in such difficult times.

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