Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Bayern Munich refute ‘baseless’ suggestions from Sadio Mane’s PR manager that they got rid of him because he’s African

Bayern Munich have denied allegations made by Sadio Mane’s PR manager that they forced him out of the club because he is African. Mane, who previously played for Liverpool, made a high-profile move to Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia this summer. He signed a lucrative contract worth £650,000 per week, playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.

This transfer marked the end of a difficult year for Mane, who earned £17.3 million annually at Bayern Munich. However, his PR manager, Bacary Cisse, claims that the German club pushed him out because they were uncomfortable with an African player being their highest earner.

Cisse stated, “It wasn’t a footballing decision to sell him. Sadio’s salary bothered the Germans, they didn’t understand how an African joins the club and becomes the top earner ahead of everyone, so they wanted to get rid of him.” He further added that Bayern never communicated their intentions to Mane or his representatives directly, instead sending Thomas Tuchel to inform him that he would be a third-choice left winger.

Cisse emphasized that Mane owes his success to Liverpool, not Bayern Munich, and criticized the club for being ungrateful. He also accused Bayern of leaking information to the media about Mane’s potential sale, initially quoting a price of €20 million but later raising it to €30 million after seeing his good performance in training.

Bayern Munich has responded to these allegations, dismissing them as baseless. They stated, “We have terminated our contract with Sadio Mane by mutual agreement. Accusations of racism, as formulated by Sadio’s entourage, are and have been baseless from the start. Our coach Thomas Tuchel never told Sadio he couldn’t use him anymore.”

During his time at Bayern, Mane struggled with injuries, with a significant setback just before the World Cup in Qatar. He missed the tournament with Senegal and only managed to score one goal in all competitions until the end of the season.

Reports also surfaced about a falling out with former Bayern boss Julian Nagelsmann, who was sacked in April, as well as a dressing room altercation with teammate Leroy Sane. These incidents likely contributed to Mane’s departure from the club.

Mane expressed his disappointment about leaving Bayern, stating, “Leaving FC Bayern hurts me. I would have wished for a different ending. I know that I could have helped the team this season. I wanted to prove it to everyone this season. Nevertheless, I only wish the club and the fans the best for the future.”
Bayern Munich have vigorously refuted claims from the Public Relations Manager of Liverpool forward Sadio Mane that they refused to extend his contract because of his ethnicity.

In a statement released today by the club, it says that the rumours of alleged racial prejudice were not only “completely wrong” but that Bayern Munich strongly condemn such suggestions that were made regarding the rejection of Mane.

The Bundesliga club responded by saying: “The baseless allegation of racial prejudice is contrary to the values of FC Bayern. It has never been and never will be a factor in decisions related to contractual matter. The reason FC Bayern decided against extending the contract of Mr. Mane was purely sport-related.

FC Bayern stands against racism as well as any form of discrimination. We would like to express our firm intention to take the strongest possible action against any discriminatory statement, opinion or act.”

The German club have made it clear that it was not based on any racial factors when considering Mane as a potential new player, and that to suggest discrimination is “inflammatory”.

Mane joined Liverpool from Salzburg in 2016, and has since become one of the most successful players in world football. The forward has been integral to Liverpool’s Premier League and Champions League achievements.

Mane himself did not make any comment on the claims. However, a source close to the player said there were “no hard feelings” from Mane towards Bayern Munich.

It is clear from this statement that Bayern Munich are in no way associated with any type of racial prejudice, and they will be taking a strong stance against any suggestion of such. The club stands firmly against any kind of discrimination.

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