Friday, September 29, 2023

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta uses hilarious analogy about dating his wife as he stays calm about Kai Havertz’s struggles

Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, recently shared an amusing analogy with Kai Havertz, the German midfielder, in order to offer advice on how to kickstart his career with the club. Havertz, who was signed for £65 million from Chelsea in the summer, has been included in Arteta’s starting lineup for the fifth consecutive game, including their recent 3-1 Premier League victory over Manchester United.

However, Havertz has been struggling to make an impact on the pitch, as evidenced by his missed opportunity early in the match against Manchester United. With no goals or assists to his name, doubts have been raised about the performance of the versatile attacking midfielder. Arteta, however, remains calm and supportive of his new player.

When asked about Havertz’s difficult start in a post-match interview with Sky, Arteta used a rather unconventional analogy. He began by stating that he had spoken to Havertz the day before and explained that things can be challenging at the beginning. He then compared it to his own experience of wooing his wife, saying that it took persistence and effort to win her over. Arteta emphasized that the initial stages were not as great as they are now, but with time and dedication, their relationship blossomed. He also mentioned that the crowd was supportive of Havertz during the match.

Arteta, who has been happily married to Lorena Bernal, Miss Spain 1999, since 2010, believes that Havertz’s career at Arsenal can be as successful as his own marriage. The manager’s analogy suggests that with perseverance and determination, Havertz and Arsenal can form a fruitful partnership.

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Overall, Arteta’s analogy offers a lighthearted perspective on Havertz’s current struggles and highlights the importance of patience and persistence in achieving success.
Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has made a humorous analogy regarding the struggles of star summer signing Kai Havertz whilst appearing in an interview with Sky Sports.

Speaking about the talented young German, Arteta compared his situation to something we’ve all experienced, saying: “Things sometimes don’t go as you plan in life and it’s similar to when you start seeing someone you like and it looks really exciting. Then you’ve got to get to know each other and you have to understand and respect each other to become really close. Sometimes it takes a bit of time.”

Havertz arrived at the Emirates Stadium for a club record fee in the summer but has so far failed to make an impact on the team, having started just two Premier League games so far. In other matches, Arteta has instead decided to use veteran midfielder Granit Xhaka, who has impressed in the role Havertz was expected to fill.

Despite the 21-year-old not being at his best just yet, Arteta remains calm and patient, reminding fans that things can take time before settling down and that “it is what it is in the end.” He went on to draw parallels between his own relationship with his wife and the process of blending the German playmaker into the team, saying: “Sometimes I thought I cracked it last week and then I wake up this week and think I’m miles away. But you just keep going and finding a way to do it better.”

The creative analogy was met with much amusement from the media, eliciting laughter from the interviewer, who said it was “lovely.” Arsenal supporters seem to be sharing similar sentiment about Arteta’s highly positive attitude despite his concerns over Havertz’ slow progress.

Indeed, with a bit of time, patience and understanding, the young star could well turn his fortunes around and start repaying the hefty fee Arsenal spent to bring him in.

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