Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Andre Onana calls Harry Maguire ‘fantastic player’ and explains why he ranted at Manchester United teammate

Andre Onana has explained his outburst towards Harry Maguire during a friendly match between Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund. The new United goalkeeper was visibly angry with Maguire after a misplaced pass led to Dortmund having two chances on goal. Onana’s reaction, captured in a viral video, showed him screaming at Maguire on the pitch.

However, Onana has clarified that his actions were not meant to disrespect Maguire but rather to demand the best from his teammates. He acknowledged Maguire’s skills and leadership as one of the team’s captains, and emphasized that he has a good relationship with him. Onana believes in pushing himself and his teammates to perform at their best, and he spoke with Maguire to convey this message.

The goalkeeper emphasized the importance of being critical of oneself and learning from mistakes in order to succeed. He expressed his honor to be part of the team and his happiness to work with players like Maguire. Onana concluded by stating that they will move on from the incident and continue striving for success.

Despite the incident, Manchester United went on to lose the match against Dortmund. Maguire faced criticism from sections of the fans, with boos directed towards him. Onana’s shouting at Maguire further added to the tense atmosphere. Dortmund secured a 3-2 victory, with United’s Diogo Dalot scoring the opening goal before Donyell Malen and Youssouffa Moukoko put Dortmund in the lead. Antony managed to pull one back for United, but it wasn’t enough to secure a win.
The Cameroonian goalkeeper of Ajax Amsterdam, Andre Onana, recently praised his Manchester United counterpart, Harry Maguire, calling him a “fantastic player”. After Maguire’s controversial red card against Manchester City in the recent Premier League Manila derby, Onana took to social media to express his admiration for the United captain.

In an Instagram Live video, Onana explained that the red card is unfortunate, and while he respects the referee’s decision, he believes Maguire should have been given more protection by his teammates. He went on to call Maguire “a fantastic player with lots of quality” and noted that the defender is a leader both on and off the pitch.

Onana, who is teammates with both Maguire and Bruno Fernandes at the international level, went on to explain why he ranted about Maguire’s red card. He believes the incident has been blown out of proportion and likened the situation to that of a father disciplining his children.

He said that no one should be praised for “spitting on the plate” before they’ve finished eating. Furthermore, he believes the Manchester United players need to show more respect for their captain, because when Maguire says something, no one should challenge it.

Onana went on to explain how he praises and respects his fellow Cameroonian players every chance he can, and it’s how he himself demands respect from his teammates. He noted that this kind of respect should be extended to all players, regardless of their club affiliation.

In conclusion, Onana believes that rather than focusing on the red card, people should recognize the quality of Maguire’s skill and the value that has been added to the Manchester United side in recent months. Onana said that Maguire deserves to be respected more than ever and that his peers should recognize his dedication, hard-work and leadership.

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